[Premium article] Wayne Hardy is a running back/linebacker from Lawrence County (MS) High School. He visited Mississippi State this past weekend. Wayne talked with me Sunday night about his weekend visit to Mississippi State. Here is my interview with him.

Did you visit Mississippi State this weekend?
"Yes sir."

Do you have time to talk to me about your visit?
"Sure, I can talk about it right now."

When did you get to Mississippi State?
"I got there around 6 p.m. Friday night."

What did you do Friday night after you got there?
"They took us out to eat to a restaurant around the corner (Harvey's). They had a nice food selection. The food was great."

What was your Saturday like?
"They took us to breakfast. Then we went to meet (academic advisor) Ann (Carr) and met with the professors in the fields we want to major in. After that, we went to the (MSU basketball) game. Then, after the game we went back to the hotel for about three hours and went out to eat again. It was nice. The game was nice too (laugh)."

(Laugh) I think I saw you in the stands cheering a couple of times.
"Yes sir, I was trying not to get up, but I got up a couple of times."

(Laugh) Yeah, sometimes recruits try to act cool by not cheering, don't they?

Where did you guys go to eat supper?
"We went up to the (club level lounge). It was nice. It had a great view of the field. They had plenty of tvs in it. We watched highlights of us and other players. They had us introduce ourselves on a tape, then they showed some highlight clips of each of us."

Did you get to know the coach recruiting you, John Hendrick, a little better during the visit?
"Not really, we were mostly with our position coach. I was with the linebacker coach, Jim Tompkins."

What was your impression of him?
"He was a great guy. He showed us some drills. They were great drills. They seemed like they worked."

Who was the player that hosted you during the weekend?
"Corey Brown. We called him by his nickname, BG."

What was your impression of him?
"He was a great guy. He showed me around."

Did you get a chance to meet Coach Sherrill?
"Yes sir. That was my first time to meet him. I didn't know what to think, but after I met him I thought he was a great guy. He seems to really care a lot about his players and wants them to get their grades."

How would you rate your trip?
"It was a great experience. I came in not knowing what to expect. Once I got there, I found out that a friend of mine (Ken Bournes) was coming in and another friend of mine, Jamal Pittman, was there. It was great. I got to get to know the coaches a little more. And we got to meet some of the other players and some of the Mississippi State football players. We got a chance to go around Mississippi State and Starkville. It was great."

Who did you hang out with during your visit?
"I hung out with Jamal and Ken and a guy out of Lagrange, Georgia (Sam Olajubutu, Jr.). We also hung out with a couple of guys from Memphis. All of us got together and went over to Mario (Haggan's) house Friday and played some games. He had to leave Saturday and we all went out together that Saturday night."

During your official visit, did anything really stand out?
"The upper level, the club level, it was really great. I didn't know all that was up there. And the dressing rooms were great. The weight room was really great."

Now that you have visited Mississippi State, where do you stand as far as your commitment to Southern Miss?
"I have visited Mississippi State and know what the coaches and players are like. Right now, I am still committed to USM, but I am thinking about Mississippi State if (USM) is not like I think it is after my visit there."

What other schools will you visit?
"I had one set up with Ole Miss, but I had to cancel it because we have our football banquet at the same time. I will visit Middle Tennessee State and then USM."

Thank you, Wayne.

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