Jan. 6th Interview with East HS WR Brandon Wright

[Premium article] Brandon Wright is a 5-10, 165-pound wide receiver/defensive back who plays for Coach Wayne Randle's Memphis East High School Mustangs. He was listed in several pre-season recruiting publications as one of the top 35 wide receivers in the nation.

He has all five of his official visits set. "I have already visited Memphis and Arkansas," said Brandon. "On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate Memphis about an 8 and Arkansas about a 10. I will visit Mississippi State January 4th, Tennessee January 12th and West Virginia January 19th."

Brandon, who said that his childhood favorite was Tennessee, has scholarship offers from Memphis, Arkansas, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Kentucky, West Virginia, Florida, Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

Here is my interview with Brandon after his official visit to Mississippi State this past weekend.

Brandon, tell me how your visit to Mississippi State went this past weekend?
"I liked it a lot. I liked the coaches and players."

Tell me what else did you like about your visit?
"I think that it fits my style of town, because it is not too big or not too small."

What did you think about the basketball game this past weekend?
"It was great."

Who was your host while you were visiting?
"Ray Ray Bivines. He was a freshman last year."

What kind of fellow did you find Ray Ray to be?
"He was a nice guy and showed me a good time."

What were some of the things that he showed you?
"We went to the practice facility, the weight room and the freshman dorm."

Did you get the chance to meet any of the other players on the Mississippi State team?
"I met Dizenco Miller, Dontae (Walker) and several cornerbacks."

What did you think about Dontae?
"He was great. I didn't know he was that big until I got next to him. He looked kind of small on tv."

How did you get to State?
"I went down on an airplane on their private jet."

Did any other guys come down with you?
"(Antonio Sanders) and (LaRon Harris) and I flew down. Two of the Memphis players, Brandon Jenkins and (James Cochran) drove."

Was that your first time to fly?
"No sir, I flew on a jet to Arkansas."

Which coaches did you spend most of your time with?
"Really, all of them. I spent more time with the receiver coach (Craig Stump)."

Which coach or coaches did you like the best?
"I would say Coach Sherrill."

Did Coach Sherrill address all of the recruits at one time?
"One time, while we were eating, he talked to all of us together. The other time, he had each one of us come into his office one by one."

What did the coaches tell you about what you could accomplish by coming to Mississippi State?
"He told me straight up how it is. He talked to me about how Mississippi State will benefit me. He told me that I would fit in really good with the program and that I reminded him of one of the kids (Kevin Prentiss) who played two years ago. I saw him play in the SEC championship game a few years ago."

Are you going to take all of your visits before you commit?

Who do you visit next?
"Next week (Jan. 11th)."

Thanks for taking time to talk with me, Brandon.

Charles Johnson is a recruiting correspondent for Gene's Page (http://mississippistate.theinsiders.com), the unofficial source for Mississippi State sports on the internet.

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