[Premium article] Brandon Jenkins is a 6-5, 255-lb, PrepStar and Tom Lemming's Prep Report pre-season All-American defensive end from East High School in Memphis, TN. He runs the 40 yard dash in 4.55 seconds (yeah, you read it right...amazing!). Brandon took and official visit to MSU this past weekend.

I talked to Brandon and his mother about their visit to Mississippi State this past weekend. I talked to his mother first.

Would you be willing to tell me in your own words what the visit was like for you?
"Well, I enjoyed it. All the coaches and staff were great. They took very good care of us. They seemed to be very concerned about my son's future. The food was great. The visit to the school was excellent. Everybody was cordial and nice. It was just a great time."

Mrs. Jenkins, if I could, I would like for you to perhaps highlight one or two things about the trip that really impressed you?
"One thing that I thought was very unusual and also great was the fact that we visited with Coach Sherrill at his home with he and his wife. All the other coaches and their wives were there. They all greeted us and made us feel right at home. To me, that is very important."

Did you play sports while you were in school?
"I played volleyball."

Do you consider yourself a sports fan in general?
"Yes, in general."

I suppose you were a guest at the basketball game?
"I was. It was an exciting game (laugh). I was very impressed with the basketball team. The fact that they were down by 20 points and all of a sudden they came out at halftime ready to play. They looked like an entirely different basketball team."

Were you able to take any of the other visits that Brandon has taken?

I'm sure the other visits might be distance memory by now, so this might not be a fair question, but which visit would you consider as your favorite?
"(Laugh) This is only my second one, so it would probably not be fair for me to answer."

I completely understand. I really thank you for talking to me about the visit to Mississippi State.

Brandon, I'm calling to followup on your official visit to Mississippi State this past weekend. How about talking about it?
"I enjoyed it very much. It was a very nice trip. I enjoyed myself wonderfully."

Was this your first official visit to a school?
"It was my second visit. My first visit was to Memphis State."

Where will your next visit be?
"Tennessee State next week."

What mode of transporation did you travel to get to Mississippi State?
"My mother, grandmother and I drove down there."

Was that a long drive down to Starkville for your folks?
"No, no that wasn't a drive they would mind making."

What did your grandmother think about the trip? Y'all didn't wear her out did you (laugh)?
"(Laugh) I know she enjoyed herself. She got some nice relaxation."

How old is your grandmother?
"I don't think I should say, I would get in trouble (laugh). I'll let my mother tell me that. (His mother told him his grandmother is 63)."

She is still a spring chicken.

Does she have a nickname for you?
"No, we are going to keep that confidential. I will not share that information (laugh)."

Ok, I understand (laugh). What time did you get to Starkville?
"We got there around 8:45 (p.m., Friday)."

You guys got there late. Did you have trouble finding the place?
"No, Coach Lewis met us at a certain point and led us from there."

What current player on the Mississippi State roster served as your host?
"Friday night, it was Mario Haggan. Saturday night, it was Terrell Grindle."

First, start with Mario. What kind of fellow is Mario?
"He is a real cool guy, he is a talker. He is a talker, but he is a real cool dude. I enjoyed myself with him. He showed me a nice time. I met a couple of ball players and they seemed to be really nice and cool."

How did you find Terrell to be?
"He was a cool dude, too. Terrell was like a party animal. He showed me a real good time. We went out with a couple of the other recruits and went out and had a nice time. He showed us a real, real good time."

You mentioned some other recruits. Did you get to know any of them particularly well?
"I knew LaRon Harris and Brandon Wright, of course. I also knew (Roosevelt) Tate and Antonio (Sanders). I knew all of the Memphis cats. I met a dude from Florida (Emanual Valcourt). I also met a dude (Marquis Davis) from Memphis that may have been a redshirt."

Were there any other recruits there that you got a feel for as to how they felt about Mississippi State?
"LaRon Harris, Roosevelt (Tate) and I were talking and we might be very interested in the school. It was very, very nice."

What were some of the things you did for recreation?
"After dinner Saturday night, my mom and grand mom went to Coach Sherrill house and met the coaches and their wives and had ice cream and coffee."

What did you think about Mississippi State's stadium?
"The stadium is nice, real nice."

Hypothetically, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your visit?
"It was like a 9 and a half."

Are you much of a basketball fan?

What did you think about the game?
"It showed a lot of heart and character. I watched them. Down by 19 and beat them by 5. Kentucky, oh man, that was a big win."

Did you get to meet your major's professors?
"I met him. It was in the field of business."

I wish you well, Brandon. And I will be calling you again during the upcoming weeks.
"Alright, and this is Gene's Page, right?"

That's right.

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