Juco WR Julius McClellan Talks Recruiting

Julius McClellan (6-4, 222, 4.45 forty, 42" vertical), one of the top two or three junior college wide receivers this year, talked to Gene's Page about recruiting.

Julius McClellan Profile:

You are originally from Kathleen High School in Lakeland, Florida. How did you wind up at Coahoma Community College?
"After high school, I went to a prep school in Maine but got homesick. My grades were good enough so they gave me my diploma. Coach Mickey Andrews (from Florida State) got in touch with our former offensive coordinator here (Coahoma CC). That's how I ended up here."

When will you graduate from junior college, December or May?

What schools are showing the most interest in you right now?
"It'll either be Ole Miss or Mississippi State."

Why do they stand out over the others?
"I am going to play (there). And I feel like if I'm playing at those schools, with the talent that they have, we will win. Larry Kendrick and me are friends. He plays at Ole Miss. He was player of the year in (Mississippi) juco last year. I (also) have a few buddies that go to Mississippi State, although they aren't playing right now. They will be ready to play next season."

Who are your buddies that are at MSU?
"Marcus Williams, a running back, and Jamaal Johnson, a cornerback. Marcus is good, real good. He was bench pressing like 375 in high school. He was the weight lifting champ. He got hurt his senior year and wound up at a D2 school. I told him he could walk-on at State and play. He listened to me and now he's on the team. Jamaal is from the (high) school that my dad went to."

During an interview by someone else from Scout.com, you said you were most interested in Florida or Florida State. What has changed since then?
"He asked me who I was getting recruited by and I told him them. At the time, I had talked to Mississippi State, but I wasn't talking to them like I do now. To be honest, I don't really want to go back home and play."

What schools are you going to officially visit?
"I haven't talked to (MSU coaches) Coach Haley and Coach Croom in a long time, but I will set one up there and one at Ole Miss. I have one set up at Texas A&M sometime in December."

What other two schools do you plan on visiting?
"I don't know who the other two spots will be. Others that I might visit are Southern Cal, Cal, South Carolina, Alabama, Auburn. It's tough to choose the other two"

What are your impressions of Coach Haley and Coach Croom?
"Those coaches are like no other. They are funny to me. I like them. They are recruiting me differently than any other coaches."

What do you know about Coach Croom's background?
"I know a little bit about him. I know he coached for the (Green Bay) Packers."

Will him having coached in the NFL play a factor in your recruitment?
"Yes sir."

In one of the interviews you did with Scout.com you mentioned that you prefer playing cornerback.
"I played cornerback in high school. I like it. I would rather deliver the blow than take the blow."

Of the schools you know you will officially visit, what position are they recruiting you for?
"Texas A&M is recruiting me as a cornerback. Mississippi State and Ole Miss are recruiting me as a receiver. I don't mind playing receiver. I have grown into liking it now."

If you could, would you like to play both offense and defense in college?
"I would love to, I would love it."

Obviously, you have become one of the most highly recruited players in the junior college ranks. When did you start receiving so much attention, after the East Mississippi Community College game last year or some other game?
"It was the Holmes (CC) game last year. I had like 4 touchdowns and 8 catches for 279 (yards) that game. As a matter of fact, that was the game right before the East Mississippi game. The last three games I had like 8 touchdowns."

I saw how fast you are in the East Mississippi game last year. How you ever had your forty time clocked?
"In high school at a Nike Camp I was clocked at a 4.37. I don't think I'm that fast any longer."

What kind of vertical leap do you have?
"42 inches. I was an all-state basketball player three years. I played basketball (at Coahoma CC) last year. I play baseball, too."

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