MSU Players Talked About the Arkansas Loss

Mississippi State players Fred Reid, Omarr Conner, McKinley Scott, Jerious Norwood, Darren Williams and Ronald Fields talked about their team's 24-21 loss to visiting Arkansas.

RB Fred Reid

What did you think about McKinley Scott wearing Ray Ray Bivines jersey number?
"That was big. Ray is my roommate and one of my best friends. I liked to see his number out there."

How frustrating was it with all that went on right before the half where you guys got down to the one-yard line but couldn't score before time ran out?
"The refs gave us a couple of bad calls before the half. It was frustrating but we had to come back out and play hard and keep executing. That's what Coach Croom told us during halftime. We came back out and kept fighting, kept fighting."

Was Coach Croom fired up at halftime?
"He was real fired up and mad. But he calmed down and kept telling us to play the team and the refs."

The first two drives, both touchdown drives, you guys were really clicking. That must have felt really good.
"It felt pretty good. We feel like we can move the ball on anybody We felt like we could have kept doing it, but we had a couple of bad breaks."

What did you think about Omarr Conner's game today?
"He had a good game. He is young and has more learning to do, but he's going to be alright in the future."

You play Ole Miss next Saturday. How big of a game is that?
"It is a big game. This is Ole Miss, baby. We have to come out next week and play hard."

QB Omarr Conner

How much of a letdown was the field goal being blocked and being run in for a touchdown?
"It hurt us real bad. We haven't had one of those all season long, then we get one in a critical game at the end (of the season)."

You and Arkansas QB Matt Jones are very similar in your games. Talk about going up against him.
"I had fun playing against Matt Jones today. Matt is a great quarterback and will have a great NFL career. He is a leader and showed today that he is a warrior."

WR McKinley Scott

Near the end of the first half it looked like you scored a touchdown but the official ruled that you were out of bounds at the one-yard line. Did you think that you scored on that play?
"I thought so, but I didn't know because I was so happy that I got down there. I expected we were going to get it in anyway."

Talk about responding with a touchdown when Arkansas went up by 24-14.
"That is something Coach Croom keeps talking about. He wants us to get to where we can overcome adversity."

Talk about you wearing Ray Ray Bivines' number.
"That was something that I asked Ray if I could do about two weeks ago. I saw Dicenzo Miller do it for Cokie (Justin Griffith) one year. I know I would have felt good to see my number out there if I wasn't able to play. Coach (Croom) agreed to it, so we went ahead and did it."

How do you feel about next week's game against Ole Miss?
"I feel real confident going into next week. That's our rivalry game. You are going to get pumped (up) for it starting (Sunday). I don't think anything is bigger than Ole Miss. You are going against some of the guys you played with or against in high school."

RB Jerious Norwood

Did you think you were in for the TD near the end of the first half when you dove toward the endzone?
"I thought I was in the endzone. I was so close. Things were happening so fast it was hard to tell."

DB Darren Williams

What is your impression of Matt Jones?
"He is a playmaker. He is a great quarterback and is very elusive."

Arkansas had several long drives against the your defense in the second half.
"They had like three third downs and a couple of fourth downs that they converted on. We were one play away from getting off the field."

What did it do to the defense to see them converting those third and fourth down situations over and over?
"It wears the defense down."

DL Ronald Fields

Matt Jones obviously wasn't fullspeed. What were some things he did to offset his hamstring pull?
"Throw the ball out and scramble out when we got near him."

You have one more game, Ole Miss next Saturday.
"Yeah, that's the biggest game of the year. We want to bring the Egg Bowl home."

Is Ole Miss the most intense game of the year?
"We've had a few intense games, the Alabama game and Florida (game). And this game was intense. We've had a lot of close games this year."

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