Jim Miller Talked About His Official Visit to MSU

Jim Miller (6-1, 226, 4.67, Venice HS in Los Angeles), a highly recruited linebacker from California who committed to Mississippi State a few days ago, talked about his official visit to State this past weekend. A tackling machine, Jim, through 10 games, has recorded 159 tackles (84 solos), 7 sacks, 4 pass deflections and 3 fumble recoveries.

Jimmy Miller Profile:

How did your visit to Mississippi State go?
"Previously, talking to my brother (Eddie Miller is his brother and was recruited by MSU out of high school.-Gene) and B.J. (Vickers), I expected a lot from Mississippi State. And there was more than I expected after I went there. I was just overwhelmed with how nice the players are and how incredibly nice the people in Starkville were. We ate with the team and I got to meet the two big linemen from Memphis. I became pretty close to Keith (Fitzhugh), the cornerback from Lovejoy, Georgia. We will probably be roommates (at State). I got to ride the defensive bus back to Starkville before the game. It was just amazing to get off the bus and see fans standing everywhere, standing and clapping and the band was marching down the street. It was just really incredible. I've never seen anything like that. We went down to the locker room. The locker room is incredible. Then, we went to the (recruiting) lounge upstairs. That was real nice. I talked to Keith's dad, a really nice guy. It was a really comfortable environment and they really made you feel at home. I really felt at home at Mississippi State. But I went in already knowing that that was the place that I was going to be. Everything was just perfect for me. Everything we did (at State) was very comfortable, very laid back, very relaxing. Everybody was very warm and very welcoming. The food was amazing. They really made us feel at home. I'm just happy that I made the right decision. Today (Monday), I wore my Mississippi State shirt and my Mississippi State hat."

You are from one of the largest cities in the world, Los Angeles. Was the size of Starkville a shock to you?
"No, that is actually what I am looking for even before I knew I was going to go to Mississippi State. I want to go to a big school in a small town where football rules. I wanted to experience something different than the big city. Starkville is perfect for me."

What was it like to finally get to meet Coach Croom?
"Coach Croom is just an incredible guy. I was in awe of Coach Croom, just to be in his presence. I have a lot of respect for him. I can't wait to get closer to him."

What was it like to sit down and talk to him?
"After talking to Coach Croom and talking to the other coaches from other schools, it was different. It felt different after that. It is sort of like going to an amusement park and you go to the biggest roller coaster first. All the other roller coasters...you know."

What did you already know about him?
"I know of his past and what he has gone through. I know about him being one of the first African-American students to intergrate a high school in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I knew he was class president of his high school and was an all-American at Alabama. He was a GA at Alabama and a coach there 11 years. I didn't know that he coached linebackers from 1977 to 1990. I liked to see that because he knew his stuff when he was talking about things he saw in me."

What do you think about Mississippi State itself?
"I love Mississippi State. I love the program. I love the facilities. I have always been high on Mississippi State."

How long have you been high on them?
"Since my brother and B.J. went out there (for an official visit)."

Who was your player host?
"(Freshman OL) Roland (Terry). He was cool, a really nice guy. We went out and had a good time."

Will this visit be your only official visit?
"Yes it will. I have cancelled everything else."

What schools wound up offering you a scholarship excluding Mississippi State?
"Alabama, East Carolina, Central Florida, Penn State, Vanderbilt, Florida, Florida State as a fullback, Kentucky. The University of Washington was pretty close to offering me. The PAC-10 is slow players, so I wasn't going to sit around waiting on them anyway. I am going to go play in the SEC. I want to go play against some real competition."

Do you expect to play your freshman year or redshirt?
"I am ready to go. They don't expect me to redshirt. Coach Croom told me in the meeting that he hated to put a lot of pressure on me, but that they need me to come in and be a part of it now."

Do you plan on coming in next summer?
"I'm actually trying to come in in January. I'm working on trying to graduate early. I have it all set up with my coach. I just have to go over it with my counselor. I have to take 2.5 courses and finish out this semester of language."

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