Recruiting Update: LB Archie Sims

Archie Sims (6-1, 200, 4.5), a linebacker who played for West Jones High School in Laurel, Mississippi, talked about what coaches have come in for in-home visits and what schools are his leaders. College coaches could visit recruits for the first time Sunday.

Archie Sims Profile:

Have any coaches come in for official in-home visits or set up any in-home visits with you?
"(MSU head) Coach Croom and (assistant) Coach Kitchens came by Sunday at about 5 (p.m.) or so. They stayed for about an hour."

What kind of impression did that make on you?
"A pretty big one."

Did you learn anything else about him that you didn't already know?
"No, not really. He did get to meet my parents. This was the first time for them to meet him."

What kind of impression did they form after meeting him?
"They pretty much liked everything that he said."

What other coaches have come in for visits?
"(Ole Miss assistant) Coach Matt Luke came in today."

Have any other coaches set up in-home visits?
"Alabama is supposed to come in next Monday."

What official visits have you set up?
"I've set them up to Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Memphis, Auburn and West Virginia."

The last time we talked you had offers from MSU, Ole Miss, Auburn, Southern Miss, Memphis and West Virginia. Do you have any new ones?
"North Carolina has offered me."

How would you rank the schools in order of preference?
"I can't. They are pretty much all even right now."

What are the things about MSU that has caused you to put them in your top five?
"I like the control that (Coach Croom) has over his players and how he handles things. I think they will be pretty good in the next couple of years."

Is it Coach Croom that causes you to like MSU or are there other things?
"I pretty much like all the coaches. I get along with all of them."

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