Recruiting Update - MS OL Calvin Wilson

Calvin Wilson, an offensive lineman who played for Hattiesburg High School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, talked about what coaches have come in-home visits and what schools are his leaders. Calvin has offers from teams such as Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, Florida, West Virginia, Southern Miss and Marshall.

Calvin Wilson Profile:

When could coaches come in and visit you for the first time?
"I think it was yesterday (Sunday)."

Did you receive any visits yesterday?
"Coach Croom came by and went to church with me. He came by and ate lunch with us after that."

Were you the first player that he visited?
"Yes sir. He said I was the first guy that he visited."

How did that make you feel?
"It made me feel real good. Out of all the players that he is recruiting, he visited me first."

What was the experience like going to church and eating lunch with him?
"It was fun. I enjoyed it."

Did you learn anything new from being around him for so long?
"I knew he was a good man. Now, I'm really starting to see what everybody else is talking about."

Do you have any other in-home visits scheduled?
"Coach Muschamp from LSU is supposed to come in (Tuesday). Coach Luke from Ole Miss is coming in Wednesday."

What official visits do you have scheduled?
"I'm taking my first one Friday (Dec. 3). I'm going to LSU. I have Auburn down for the 17th (of December), then I have Mississippi State the 14th (of January). And Ole Miss January 21st. And I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to visit Tennessee or Southern Miss for the last one."

Do you have any kind of order of preference with the schools that you are interested in?
"All of them are pretty even. It is any man's game right now. I like all of them."

Is it going to be a tough choice?
"Yes sir, very tough."

What makes Mississippi State so enticing to you that you would put them in your top five?
"I like Coach Croom and their coaching staff. I'm really building a good relationship with them. That's somewhere I know that I can go in and play. And he's trying to build a good team. I know if I go there I can really help them out."

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