Recruiting Update - QB Jimmy Johns

Quarterback Jimmy Johns, whose Brookhaven High School team will be playing for the state championship this weekend, talked about what coaches have come in for in-home visits and which schools are his leaders.

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What coaches have come in for in-home visits?
"Today (Monday), Coach Buddy Wyatt from Alabama came in during practice and stayed after. Others may have come in, but I wasn't at school until 1 o'clock."

Have others set up in-home visits?
"Mississippi State will come in this Wednesday. (Head) Coach Croom and (assistant) Coach Beamer are coming to my house. (West Virginia assistant) Coach Trickett is supposed to be coming down this week. Coach Rumph from Memphis is supposed to be in Jackson a a couple of days then he is supposed to come down, but I don't know when. (Auburn assistant) Coach Dunn won't be able to come in this week because they are playing in the SEC Championship this Saturday, but he plans on coming down."

Have you set up any official visits?
"I have. On January 15th, Mississippi State. On the 21st (of January), Auburn. On December 10th, I'm supposed to go to West Virginia, but I haven't talked to Coach Trickett lately, so I'm not sure if it is still on. There is a possibility that I'm going to Memphis on the 29th (of January). I'm not sure where I will go on the last one. There is a possibility that it may be Alabama because he came in today."

Has Alabama offered a scholarship?
"He told me that he is taking the film to (Alabama head) Coach Shula today. He said he would definitely try to call and offer."

What schools are your leaders?
"Mississippi State and Auburn are still my top two right now."

Are they dead even or does one lead the other?
"Well, I'm been to Mississippi State, so Mississippi State probably has a slight lead over Auburn. I have some really good chemistry with the players and they seem like they've already accepted me as a family member. And I had a great time at Mississippi State. I haven't been over to Auburn, yet."

Are there any certain players that you have formed a bond with at Mississippi State?
"Darren Williams."

You guys are playing his former team, Clarksdale, for the state championship. Have you and he talked this week about that game?
"Yeah, I've talked to him. When I was last up there, he told me that we would probably be playing Clarksdale for the championship. I called him earlier in the week. We were just talking."

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