Olive Branch High School tight end Blake Pettit visited Mississippi State this past weekend. I caught up with Blake Sunday night. Here is my interview with him.

Do you have time to talk about your official visit to Mississippi State this past weekend?
"Yes sir, I just got back. I've got a few minutes before I have to go to church."

When did you get to State?
"I got there a little before 9 o'clock Saturday morning. (Blake had a basketball game Friday night. - Gene) We ate breakfast at the hotel. We went to academics, then to the Courthouse Grill. Then we went on a tour of the campus."

How did the trip go?
"It was wonderful."

Was it everything that you expected or even more?
"It was more."

What impressed you about State so much?
"Just how organized they were. How wonderful they made the weekend. How relaxing it was. How nice every coach on the team was."

I'm not sure what your preconceived thoughts were about coach Sherrill, but what did you think about him?
"Actually, I did not know a lot about him. I got to talk to him for a good hour and a half before I left."

That is a long time.
"It was, but it flew by. He is a credible guy, real nice and straight forward, a real trust-worthy guy it seems like."

What were your impressions of the campus?
"It is big, but not too big. I really liked it."

What did you do Saturday night?
"We ate at the club level area (in the stadium). It was beautiful. It was impressive. If I was a fan, that is where I would want to be."

Were there any one or two things that just stood out on the trip?
"My favorite thing, while I was there, was talking to the coaches -- they were all awesome people, everyone of them that I talked to."

You talked to all of them?
"Yes sir, I talked to all of them. They were with us the entire time, everyone of them."

Did that impress you?
"Yes sir, they never left us, really.

"The one other thing that really impressed me was that every one of the recruits that were there and all of the players that I talked to were just wonderful, friendly and hardworking. I was impressed with every one of them. They, and all their families, were all nice and friendly. The players that we got to meet, Kevin Fant and all of them, acted like they had always known you, kind of like your cousin."

Did you become friends with any of the recruits?
"Brett (Morgan). He has a brother that is a (Graduate Assistant) there and another brother that is a safety. I am also friends with Deljuan Robinson from Hernando."

Who was your host?
"It was a freshman fullback, his name is Jeff Billings. He is from Texas."

What did you think about him?
"He was a real nice guy.

Are you still going to visit Arkansas this weekend?
"Yes sir, I am still going."

What are you feeling right now about where you might go?
"I really like Mississippi State, but I am going to Arkansas to make sure that State would be the place for me. I want to visit Arkansas, but Mississippi State was an awesome place. I really liked it. Arkansas might be wonderful, too, and I haven't been there before. I just want to be confident about my decision when I make it."

Thank you, Blake.
"Yes sir."

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