Antonio Sanders is a 6-4, 310-lb. offensive line prospect from Fairley HS in Memphis. College coaches have been after Antonio after an impressive senior year. Coaches from MSU, UM, Louisville, Arkansas and Memphis have been working hard to land this top prospect. Why is he in such demand? Well, he has been timed at a 4.9 40 with excellent pass blocking skill to start.

The following is an interview with Antonio Sanders, the offensive line prospect from Memphis, after his weekend visit to Ole Miss. He has now finished his visits and is close to a decision. This is what Antonio had to say:

You were scheduled to visit Ole Miss this weekend. Did you go?

How was the visit?
"It was great. I loved it. We had a real good time."

Well, after visiting both MSU and Ole Miss, why don't you compare the two visits.
"Oh, that's hard to say. Both of them were real good. I had a good time at both visits. The main thing was that the (students) were on campus at Ole Miss this weekend and, when I went to State, nobody was on campus."

What did you guys do at Ole Miss?
"We just had fun. We hung out with the players and coaches. They had this thing where we got to meet some NFL players. I got to meet Peyton Manning. When I saw him I was like...I was shocked. And I met Duece McAllister and two other dudes from the NFL; I can't remember their names. That was tight though."

Wow. Sounds like you had a good weekend.
"Yea, It was tight. I got to see Eddie Strong and all of them. They were all there. The only one I didn't get to meet was Terrence Metcalf. His sister was my host and she showed me around and acted like she was going to take me to meet him, but I never did."

Which trip did you enjoy the most?
"Man, I don't know. They were about the same."

Would you say they were the same or almost the same?
"Almost the same. I would say Ole Miss was maybe a little better. But, you know, it's hard to say because all the people were not at State when I went there. The students were not back yet. So its hard to say."

Are you taking anymore visits?
"No, that was it."

Ok, so have you made up your mind yet about where you are going to go?
"Not yet. I would say maybe this week or next week I will be ready. I'm going to wait and talk to my coach and let the coaches come in and talk some more, and then I will decide. Some coaches from State came to see me today, but I was gone. Then they went to my school and talked to my coach."

Really, who were the coaches?
"Coach Lewis and Coach Sherrill. I got a number to call them back right now to see if they are still in town. Maybe they can swing by and talk."

OK, I won't keep you. I just was wondering if you have a favorite? Maybe a top three?
"I would say Ole Miss, State, and Louisville. But Arkansas is still in there too. So I don't really know."

It's a hard decision, I know. I wish you the best in whatever decision you make and thank you for your time.

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