[Premium article] Starkville High School's All-State wide receiver Tee Milons committed to Mississippi State this past weekend. Coach Lee confirmed that while talking to me on the telephone Monday afternoon. Coach Lee also talked about Tee Milons.<P> Here is my interview with Coach Lee:

Coach Lee, I have heard a rumor that one of your players, Tee Milons, has committed to Mississippi State. Is that correct?
"That is correct."

You have coached quite a few years and have seen quite a few great wide receivers. How does he compare to others that you have coached?
"He was the best we had this year and one of the best that I have ever coached. He set the record. He is a great, great person, too. He has an inner drive that helps him push himself to the limit. He also has a great ability to snatch the ball out of the air. He doesn't wait and let it hit his body. He doesn't have to break stride to catch it. I call him a snatcher."

Is it unusual to see that in a receiver?
"Heck yes, you have a lot of guys in the pros that can't do that."

What kind of speed does he have?
"He has great football speed. I haven't seen anybody run him down. I have seen him pull away from some guys that had an angle. And you are talking about the best in 5A. I know they have some speed guys on the other teams."

Switching over to your accomplishment as a team this past season, your team won the state championship your first year at Starkville. How important was that to your team?
"They were on a mission. We put 12-7 (date of championship game), 0-1 (loss in the playoffs) on the floor all the way back in the spring. It just feels great that we achieved our goal."

Did it amaze you that you won a state championship your first year at Starkville?
"Yes, it did. I never really thought about it. I was taking one game at a time; not looking ahead to who was next. When it all got (to the championship game), I thought, Wow!

"I just looked at it as an opportunity to train and coach kids. Whatever happens, happens. Kids are kids. You do the right thing and they will mold together.

"I attribute our success to the four C's: Class, Commitment, Concentration and you had to be Compassionate."

Well, you have done a wonderful job at Starkville High School. I know you are busy, so I won't take anymore of your time. Thanks for talking to me, Coach Lee.
"You are very welcome."

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