[Premium article] Aries Nelson, a Clarion-Ledger Dandy Dozen selection and an All-State selection, is a 6-3, 200-lb quarterback who attends Cleveland (MS) East Side High School. I caught up with Aries on Wednesday night, January 15. What follows is the substance of our discussion about his official visit to Mississippi State.

"I had a really good visit, we were shown a lot of hospitality.

"Clarence McDougal was my host and he showed me a really good time. There was a really good atmosphere on this visit because I was surrounded by some of the state's best athletes. For me to be involved with this recruiting class is awesome.

"Coach Sherrill told me that he was not going to play me before I am ready, and only when I am ready."

Aries said that he and Clarence had a lot in common. "Well, he is kinda like me. He likes to have fun (laughing); kick it with the girls." When asked if he indeed saw many pretty girls, he responded, "not one or two, but boatloads."

Aries said that he already knew fellow quarterback recruit and future Bulldog Justin Tyler (Gray, GA), having met him at the Georgia Football camp. Aries also said that he is looking forward to handing the ball to Jerious Norwood as well as throwing it to him.

Finally, Aries commented on the prospects for this class. "We are gonna win a championship. The class we are bringing in, we have to win one."

The only other visit that Aries will take will be to Jackson State.

Charles Johnson is a recruiting correspondent for Gene's Page (, the unofficial source for Mississippi State sports on the internet.

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