Recruiting Update: QB Ryan Perrilloux

Ranked one of the top two quarterbacks in the nation, according to, East Saint John High School QB Ryan Perrilloux, a Texas commitment, has added Mississippi State to his official visit list. Find out his reasons why in this interview.

Ryan Perrilloux Profile

When did Coach Croom come in for an in-home visit with you?
"He came in two days ago."

What caused that in-home visit to happen?
"I've been talking to Mississippi State for awhile. Mississippi State was one of my top five schools. They been dropping by our school, recruiting other players there. They were recruiting me, too. Coach Croom is a nice fellow. He was calling me like once a week. We talked about the quarterback situation over there. He talked about the school and the new facilities that they are building. I'm now going to take an official (visit) there."

What was it about Mississippi State that caused you to choose them for one of your five official visits?
"They are a good school. They run a pro-style offense. Coach Croom has a lot of NFL experience. And he looks like he could develop a pro quarterback with the type of offensive system they run, the West Coast Offense."

Other than Texas and Mississippi State, what other schools are you going to officially visit?
"LSU, Florida State and Miami. I visited Texas last weekend. I will visit Florida State January 21st. The 28th is LSU. I'm still setting up Miami. I think the Mississippi State one is right after the (U.S.) Army (All-American Bowl) game. Both of them will be mid-week visits because I don't have any other weekends left."

Are you still 100% committed to Texas?
"Yes sir."

Since you are committed to Texas, why have you decided to take any other visits?
"Because I just want to make sure it's the right decision. That's all."

What is it about the other four schools that caused you to choose them for official visits?
"They have been recruiting me from the beginning. And I had officials set up with them. I feel like it's the right thing to do to take them."

I know you are committed to Texas and have been for awhile. You mentioned that you want to make sure you are making the right decision. Do you know what would have to happen for you to consider another school other than Texas?
"What would have to happen for me to go to another school? I have no idea."

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