[Premium article] Brandon Jenkins is one of the top defensive players in Memphis as well as the state of Tennessee. Charles Johnson caught up with Brandon after his Ole Miss official visit this past weekend and did a short interview.

Brandon, how was your visit to Ole Miss?
"It was nice, real nice."

Who served as your host on your visit?
"Belton Johnson, he is an offensive lineman."

What form of transportation did you take for the visit?
"My coach drove me to Holly Springs, and from there Coach Hobby picked me up at the Exxon and drove me to campus."

Brandon, you said you had a nice visit, did you commit? "No sir."

Well then, do you have any other visits to take?
"I have one more."

And where do you want to take that one?
"I want to take it to Tennessee, but I have not heard anything from them."

Have they ever talked to you about setting up an official visit?
"Well they talked to me but I have not heard anything from them."

Brandon, since your visit was real nice, tell me about your activities, what did you do?
"Well not too much. During the day we went to the academic counselor; she is a real nice lady. And they have the best computer lab down there that I have seen so far, along with the graphic lab and animation and all that. We toured the campus, I saw the town, went to a couple of night spots, hung out, chilled, talked and just had fun. The whole team was real nice to me; they were real cool."

How did the coaches say that you would fit in?
"They said I could come in and contribute, maybe not start as a freshman, which is expected because I am a freshman. But they said I could come in and work hard and help out. They told me to get started, I could come in and go to summer school."

Did you tour the facilities?

What did you see?
"The stadium is getting renovated. They are enlarging the stadium. It is going be a dome-like stadium. It was clean, it was clean every where I went, spotless. The dorms were nice. I went inside the players dorms, the freshman dorms; they were nice. The athletic weight room was very spacious and roomy. The training room was nice."

How do the facilities compare to anywhere else you have been?
"Well, they probably have the cleanest facilities that I have ever seen."

You went to Mississippi State last weekend, how would you compare the facilities?
"I could not compare the two facilities; they both had very nice facilities. But the only thing, they (Ole Miss) are renovating their stadium. They are getting ready to tear down all the old facilities and build a new weight room and a new locker room. But at State, they had the same stuff and it is nice, don't get me wrong."

So, as far as your level of interest in schools you have visited, what order would you place them in?
"Oh man, as far as Mississippi State and Ole Miss, they would probably be tied."

Where do you think you could go and have the best chance for playing for a championship? "Well, Ole Miss has the greater chance because their offense is phenomenal. But as I followed up on Ole Miss, their defense is what needs help. What I was told, if they can get a defense, they can be really great. With Eli Manning and the offense putting 35-38 points on the board that is great, but the defense is letting the opposite team score about 35-38. So you can't win like that, they need 'd' and at Mississippi State they are going to always have good players. This year they were probably lacking because they needed some more (players). They may have a greater chance of going to a bowl or winning a championship because of the players they are recruiting."

Did you get to mingle with any of the students?
"No, I met Eli. He is a nice guy. I met Belton Johnson and his brother."

Did the coaches tell you how you could fit into their defense?
"They said their defense is better suited for me than Mississippi State because of the type of defense they play. They play a 4-down lineman and Mississippi State plays a 3-3. And that is right up my alley, of course."

So you don't have a favorite right now?
"No, my mom and I are going to sit down at the Kitchen table and read and go through everything."

So when do you see yourself committing?
"When? Today is the 20th, I would say 1 or 2 weeks. I will know when I ask both sides questions and stuff like that. I will be committing probably in a good week or a week and a half."

So, it will be close to Signing Day then huh?
"Yeah, it will be close to Signing Day."

Thank you, Brandon.

Charles Johnson is a recruiting correspondent for Gene's Page (, the unofficial source for Mississippi State sports on the internet.

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