[Premium article] Merci Falaise is a 6-5, 320-lb. offensive line prospect from Washington-Wilkes HS in Georgia. After having to sit out the first two games of the season due to a injury that he received during his junior year, Falaise came on strong and attracted the attention of many college coaches around the South. Merci was kind enough to do an interview after getting back from a weekend trip to MSU. This is what he had to say:

Did you just get back from your official visit to MSU this weekend?

What did you think?
"It was alright."

It was alright?
"Yea, I'm tired at the moment."

Well, I'll try not to keep you too long then. Tell me about your visit.
"It was pretty good. I just took a look at everything around the campus and the town. It was cool."

What was your favorite part of the visit?
"I don't guess I had a favorite part. Everything was good all the way through."

Who was your host?
"Curtis Stowers."

What did you think of him?
"He was cool."

How many visits have you taken so far?
"Two. Mississippi State and Arkansas."

Are you taking anymore?
"I don't know yet."

At this point in the process, can you tell me where you are leaning?
"I'm even between Arkansas and Mississippi State right now."

I have you listed as playing offensive tackle, at 6-4, 320 - is that right?
"I'm about 6-5."

And about 320?
"That'll work."

(Laugh) Ok. I think there were a lot of players from Georgia there this weekend, right?
"Yea. There was four of us. We all rode over on the same plane."

Really. Did you know any of the other guys? "My high school coach's son (Nathan Bennett) was on there. He committed (to Mississippi State this weekend)."

(Nathan and Falaise went to different high schools)

What do you think about Bennett as a player?
"He has good size. He is a little smaller than me but he has good size."

Did State offer you a scholarship this weekend?
"They had already offered me."

So you have scholarship offers from State and Arkansas?
"Plus UAB, Kentucky, Vandy, and East Carolina. South Carolina had offered me but now they are backing off. It might have been more if I wouldn't have got hurt."

You got hurt last year?
"Yea, I hurt my hip in the first round of the playoffs and missed the rest of the playoffs during my junior year, and then missed the first two games of my senior year. But after that, I played 11 games this year."

Well, I know you are tired and I don't want to take too much of your time. I appreciate it.
"No problem."

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