[Premium article] David Heard is a 6-0, 180-lb., 4.47-forty, senior DB/WR from Vicksburg HS. Although I do not have stats for his senior year, David accumulated 10 interceptions (2 for TDS) his sophomore and junior years combined. He also recorded about 100 total tackles those same two years. David has earned All-District the past two years. He is also an excellent student who made the necessary ACT score his junior year. He is a member of The Clarion-Ledger's Top 40 Recruit List.

I talked to David Monday night about how his visit to Mississippi State went this past weekend. Here is my interview with David.

Hey, this is Gene Swindoll. I have Gene's Page on the internet. I'm trying to get in touch with David Heard.
"This is David."

How are you doing, David?

I'm calling to see how your official visit to Mississippi State went this past weekend. Do you have time to talk?
"Yes sir."

I would like to get a little background info about you first. What position did you play in high school?
"I played safety most of the time and played some cornerback. I also played wide out."

Which is your best position?

You mentioned that you have played cornerback. Do you feel you play that position well?
"I don't think anybody can beat me. I didn't have any touchdowns scored on me during my three years of high school when I covered (players) one-on-one."

What is Mississippi State recruiting you as?
"Whatever I play the best at."

You've got pretty good speed, don't you?
"I run about 4.47."

Let's talk a little about your visit this past weekend. Did you drive or fly?
"I drove up. They offered to fly me, but I decided to drive."

Did your parents come with you or did you come by yourself?
"I went with my dad. My mom had to stay home."

When did you get to Starkville?
"About 5:30 (Friday)."

What did you do when you first got to Starkville?
"We went straight to the hotel. All the coaches are waiting in the lobby. When we got there we talked to all of the coaches. They checked us in, then we went to dinner. They fed us real good this weekend (laugh)."

Had you ever been to Starkville before?
"Yes, my brother goes to State."

He does? What is his name?
"Jacob Heard."

What is his classification?
"He is a senior."

What is he majoring in?
"Computer engineering."

Switching back to your visit, who was your host?
"Clarence McDougal. He is kind of outgoing (laugh). I was with him, Korey Banks and Rico Bennett. Korey is outgoing too (laugh)."

What did you do Saturday?
"After we woke up, we ate a Continental breakfast. Then we went to our academics meeting."

You mentioned academics, what are you majoring in?
"Probably, computer science or computer engineering."

Isn't your dad an engineer?
"Yes, civil engineer."

I believe he is with the Corps of Engineers. Isn't that correct?
"Yes, that is right."

Where did you go after you finished with the academic meetings?
"We went to a gill called the Courthouse Grill. I believe that is what it was called. It had two floors. They had pretty good food there. We ate with some of the students that went to the school."

What did you do that afternoon?
"We went to the fieldhouse. We met Mike Grant (MSU's strength coach). We then went to the coaches' offices and talked with some of the players. After that, I met with Jackie Sherrill one-on-one."

What did you think about meeting him?
"I thought it was pretty cool. His office looks pretty good too."

Had you ever met Coach Sherrill before?
"No, never face-to-face."

What was your impression of him?
"He was real cool; very laid-back about everything. He didn't pressure me and try to make me commit. He had this 16-page book about me. The book had David Heard on the front. In the back it had my Letter of Intent and my scholarship letter. After I left my dad stayed and talked to him."

Speaking of your dad, what did he think about the visit?
"He liked the academics program. That is what all parents are looking at. When we went to the academic meeting, he really liked what he heard about the tutoring and everything else. We have to be tutored six hours a week."

If you don't mind me asking, how are you doing academically?
"I maintain about a 3.5 gpa."

Of course you don't mind talking about that (laugh).

Where did all of you eat Saturday?
"For dinner, we ate in the club level area of the stadium. That was pretty cool, because I didn't know what it looked like. I was wondering where we were at, then I looked out on the field. It was huge. It was really nice. I would like to watch the game from there."

Talk about mingling with the other recruits.
"Even though we were from different cities and had never met each other, everybody felt comfortable around each other. It kind of felt like we were brothers."

Obviously you are interested in State since you visited them. Are there other schools that you are interested in?
"State is the one that I am most serious about. LSU, Kentucky and Florida State have talked to me. They aren't talking as good as MSU is."

Has Mississippi State offered you a scholarship?
"Yes, they offered. They didn't ask me to commit. They didn't try to put any pressure on me. They said it was up to me."

What do you think you are going to do?
"I'm definitely thinking about going up there. That is my number one choice right now, unless .... I don't even know if Florida State steps in during the last couple of weeks if I would take that now."

[I got the impression what David meant in the last sentence is that even if Florida State came back in on him he would probably not consider them now. - Gene]

Do you have any other visits planned during the next two weeks?
"No, that was it."

I really appreciate your time, David. Good luck.
"Alright. Thanks."

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