[Premium article] John Hall is a 6-4, 285-lb. TE prospect out of Chatsworth County HS in the State of Georgia. John visited Mississippi State this past weekend. Here is what he had to say after his visit:

From what I understand, you took a visit to MSU this weekend, is that right?

How did it go?
"It went pretty good."

Tell me about your visit?
"I just saw the facilities and the town. Then I talked to the coaches."

What was your favorite part of the visit?
"Probably when they took us around to see all the facilities."

What did you think about the facilities?
"I liked them. They were nice, really nice."

They showed you the weight room and.....?
"Yea, they showed us everything, it was real nice."

When did you decide to take a visit to State?
"Probably about a month ago. Coach Tompkins had me come in for a visit."

What do you think of Coach Tompkins?
"He's real nice, I like him."

And you play tight end, am I right?

I have you listed at 6-4, 285 - is that about right?
"Yea, that's right."

What was your last 40 time?
"Five flat."

Are you being recruited as a TE or a lineman?
"Most schools are recruiting me as a lineman, but Mississippi State is recruiting me as a tight end."

Is that what Coach Sherrill told you?
"Yes, it is." What schools have you visited so far?
"Just State and South Carolina."

Are you committed anywhere?
"Yea, South Carolina."

So, come signing day, you are pretty sure you'll be signing with South Carolina?

Well, compare South Carolina and Mississippi State.
"Well, South Carolina is in a city, and State is in the country. But South Carolina isn't really that big. The coaches are about the same at both places. And the facilities are about the same. I just feel I will do better at South Carolina. I think I fit in with the people better there."

You like the city life? "Yea."

Why don't you compare Coach Holtz to Coach Sherrill?
"Coach Holtz, he is a character. He is real nice. Coach Sherrill is real nice too. And at South Carolina, they tell you stuff and Mississippi State shows you."

So you mean, at USC they sit you down and tell you about the school and at MSU they take you around and show you?

Well, I know it's late. I appreciate your time and wish you the best in your future.
"Hey, no problem. Thanks."

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