[Premium article] Plainview (TX) HS fullback Bryson Davis has committed to MSU. Bryson told me that he committed to MSU Monday. Because Bryson was sick with a bad cold, I did not talk to him more than a couple of minutes. Here is a reprint of an previous interview that I had with Bryson and his coach prior to his official visit to MSU.


Do you mind telling me a little about him as a player?
"He is everything you would want, physically. His forty speed is about 4.7. He has outstanding hands. He caught a lot of passes coming out of the backfield. We used him as a blocking back and catching the ball out in the flat. That is what Mississippi State wants him to do. Not many kids come around that are tailor-made for fullback, but he is one of those kids. He took a lot of pride in blocking, but he wants the ball too. He is like any kid in high school. He plays basketball and is averaging about 16 to 20 points per game. They went to the Metroplex the other day to play basketball and he had 40 points against a 5A school (the top classification in Texas). He is a great athlete. He has good grades."

What were his stats this past season?
"He had 752 yards on 111 carries. Our tailback had 1,803 yards. He wasn't our feature back, but still had almost 800 yards. He had 16 catches. He had 185 yards receiving. He had 10 touchdowns, 7 rushing and 3 catching."

How long has he started for you?
"He was a three-year starter for us."


I just want to talk to you about recruiting. I guess the first question is your actual size. What is your actual height and weight and forty speed?
"I am 6-3 and about 260. I run in the high 4.6 range."

How did you wind up at fullback at that size?
"Well, I am one of the fastest on the team and have been playing the tailback and fullback position all my life."

How long have you been playing fullback?
"I played tailback up until my 1st year on varsity, my sophomore year, then I started playing fullback."

When did you become a starter?
"I started half the games my sophomore year. My junior and senior years, I started all the games."

You coach told me you have great hands. In fact, that is one of the things that he feels sets you apart from other fullbacks.
"Yes, I feel I have pretty good hands. I guess because they are so big. I've had good hands all my life. God blessed me with some hands."

Speaking of good hands, you also play basketball, don't you?
"Yes sir."

Can you dunk the ball?
"Yes sir, since the 8th grade."

How tall were you in the 8th grade?
"In the 8th grade I was about 6 foot tall."

Your coach said you were averaging between 16 and 20 points per game. Is that correct?
"I'm averaging 21.3 points per game and 9.8 rebounds a game."

Are any teams looking at you as a basketball player?
"Probably not, because I play post and I'm only 6-3."

What is your squat and bench?
"I squat around 500 and bench about 325 to 330."

Getting into the recruiting portion of our conversation, when did Mississippi State start calling you?
"I think it was right after our last game. I believe it was in November."

What schools, other than Mississippi State, are recruiting you?
"UTEP and ACU (Abilene Christian University) are and Baylor was."

So, you are being actively recruited by Mississippi State, UTEP and ACU now?
"Yes sir."

What schools are you going to officially visit?
"Those three schools. I visit Mississippi State this weekend, then Abilene Christian the next week, then UTEP after that."

Do you plan on taking all three of your visits prior to deciding who you will commit to?
"I don't know. I probably will."

Have all three schools offered you a scholarship?
"Yes sir, they have."

What did Coach Stump say that Mississippi State liked about you?
"He said my hands. He also said he saw some film where I laid this dude out. He said I can block and hit. I guess he just likes my style of football."

If you could describe yourself, what kind of football player are you?
"I give it 110% everytime I run a play. It doesn't matter if the ball is going to me or not. I don't stop until the whistle is blown."

Has it been fun going through the recruiting process?
"Yes sir, it has been fun. Some guys, like one of the tailbacks on the team, was telling me it has been stressful to him. He is real down because he doesn't know what to do. I pray to God and ask Him for directions and guidance in helping me make the right decision for me. Without Him, I wouldn't even be getting calls (from D-I schools). I am very humble and grateful for it. This is a big decision, it is one of the biggest decisions in my life."

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