Blake Pettit is a 6-5.5, 230-lb. tight end from Olive Branch (MS) High School. During the past couple of weeks, Blake has officially visited Mississippi State and Arkansas. Blake called me Wednesday night to officially tell me he committed to Mississippi State Tuesday night. Here is my interview with Blake about his commitment to MSU.

Blake introduced himself when I answered the phone. I joked with him by asking the first question in a game show type way. He caught on to the fact that I already knew who he had committed to and why I was asking my question in the way that I was so he played along with me.

And next year you are going to be playing for.....?
"The Mississippi State Bulldogs."

Tell me why Mississippi State was the place for you?
"I went up to Arkansas this past weekend and their campus is absolutely beautiful. The facilities are awesome. But facilities is not what matters. I feel that I am wanted much more at Mississippi State. The coaches at Arkansas, even though Houston Nutt got SEC Coach of the Year, cannot even compare to the coaches at Mississippi State. I met the tight end coach at Arkansas and Coach Lewis at Mississippi State is the best tight end's coach that I have met. The guy at Arkansas didn't even compare to him. Coach Lewis has plans to work with me. I was the one he wanted."

What did your parents think about your decision?
"They are thrilled about it."

I know the last time we talked I got the impression you felt pretty strong about State, but you didn't want to shortchange yourself so you visited Arkansas. I guess that solidified what you thought about State previously?
"Yes sir."

Tell me exactly how you went about committing to Mississippi State.
"I called Coach Lewis after my basketball game Tuesday night at about 9:30 to 10:00. I asked him if the tight end scholarship was still available. He said yes and that I was the one they wanted. He said 'we told you we would call you when we had to have a yes or no'."

What was his reaction to your commitment to him?
"(Laugh) He told me that I made his day. He gave me Coach Sherrill's phone number and I called him."

What was Coach Sherrill's reaction?
"It sounded like he was real happy. He is supposed to be calling me back tonight to tell me what all I needed to do to get ready for school."

I guess you are happy that it is all over, now?
"Yes sir, it feels like it is a load off of my shoulders."

Thanks, Blake. I really appreciate you calling to let me know who you committed to.
"Yes sir, I look forward to being a Bulldog."

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