MSU Players Talked About Their Victory Over Bama

Mississippi State players Tan White and Rebecca Kates talked about their 84 to 77 victory over Alabama, a victory that set a new MSU winning streak of 12 games.

When you scored 13 straight points in the second half, did you feel you were in a zone?
White - "Yeah, I felt like I had to step up because we had a tight game at the end. I didn't do too good the first half."

Talk about the fact that you had five girls in double digits in scoring for the first time this season.
White - "We knew coming into the game that Blessing (Chekwa) wasn't going to play and that everybody had to step up. She is good at rebounding and she always gives us scoring, so everybody had to pick it up. And I think that everybody did a great job. Ebonie Ferguson came in and gave us a good boost with her threes. Doceide (Warren), Tiania (Burns), everybody came out and played good together since Blessing was out."

You seemed to hold your own tonight inside.
Kates - "The inside was pretty physical tonight. We are used to that in every SEC game because we are going to be out to get each other. It's going to be very competitive. Every SEC team is bigger than us in the paint, so I think we expect it to get pretty rough, but I think we did hold our own."

You have now won 12 in a row. Do you have any idea why you are playing so well this year?
Kates - "I think that we were so disappointed last year because we didn't make postseason play, so we are out to prove this year that we are a much better team. We, basically, have the same people back this year and we know what people's strengths are. Because of that, we play well together and our chemistry is good."

White - "I think our chemistry carried over from last year. That is what is holding us together."

Do you think you are playing your best as a team or is the best yet to come?
White - "No. Tonight, we were trading baskets and kind of slacked off on defense. We are a better defensive team than this. I hope, as we continue to play conference games, that we will come together and play consistent."

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