Alabama Head Coach Rick Moody Interview

Alabama women's head coach, Rick Moody, talked about his team's loss to Mississippi State.

Opening comments

"It was a great college basketball game. There were a lot of plays made by both teams. I thought that we had numerous opportunities to make the game even closer and, maybe, even win the game, but Mississippi State made the plays that they had to make. When you play in this league, you don't go on the road expecting anybody to play poorly. That's not going to happen. You aren't going to back into wins playing in this league. Mississippi State did what they had to do; they played very, very well.

"I also thought that they were very difficult to defend because they did an excellent job of getting Tan (White) down inside and posting her up. You have to pick your poison. When we tried to double-team her to make her give it up, she is such a great player that she was able to find the open player. Then, when she found the open player, the open player had to make the plays and that is what I thought happened. So, give them a lot of credit."

Talk about not having Marverly Nettles on the floor but for 9 minutes due to foul trouble.
"She is our leading scorer and one of our best rebounders and best defenders. I guess you can equate that to if Tan had only played 9 minutes for Mississippi State. If Marverly had played 38 minutes and Tan 9, that is the way I would compare those two numbers. It was a tough, tough break for us not to have our best player on the floor."

What improvement do you see in this Mississippi State team compared to last year's team?
"It kind of reminds me of some of my old teams that I had at Alabama, no matter what you try to do to defend them, it is hard to guard a couple of their players one on one. But the fact is, (Tan White) has four players around her that are playing their roles very efficiently. Who are you not going to guard? Tonight, we finally went zone after it was foul, foul, foul and throwing it to Tan inside. We finally went to the zone and (Ebonie) Ferguson stepped up and made two huge threes. They had an answer for everything that we did. And, from what I have seen on video, that is the way they have been all year long."

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