Sharon Fanning's Post-game Interview

Mississippi State head women's coach, Sharon Fanning, talked about her team's victory over Alabama.

Opening comments

"It was a great win for us. We had a couple of circumstances tonight that we haven't faced this year. One was we were without Blessing Chekwa, who is our sixth player and a player that gives us so much energy from a defensive and rebounding standpoint. Because of that, people had to step up. The second thing we had to face was our foul situation. We haven't been where one of them had to be out. Then, you have Rebecca Kates foul out and she is our communicator on the floor. So, we had to play down the stretch without someone who really pulls everybody together from a defensive standpoint. We lost our composure a couple of times and it cost us. If it had been a one or two point game, it could have cost us the game. Hopefully, we will grow and communicate better.

"Ebonie (Ferguson) came up big with her threes. Everybody who played contributed in some kind of way. Getting to the free throw line, making them down the stretch; all of those things add up to a win. And I was very, very proud of them for this win."

Talk about the stretch when they came back on you.
"We tried to isolate Tan (White) inside. We felt like she would have an advantage when she was posting. They switched defenses a couple of times down the stretch. When Mamie (McKinney) was up top on it in the first half, their big girl would sag to the rim. We tried to put her out on the wing, but Rebecca threw it to the corner. We needed to skip the ball, then go back inside to Tan."

Talk about Ebonie's play tonight.
"It is a key that somebody come up with big shots in the zone and I thought that hers were those big shots. You could tell she was playing with a lot of confidence. I am so proud of her."

Talk about Doceide Warren's play.
"Doceide makes us so much better in transition. She pushes the ball so well. She may not shoot the ball a lot, but for her to get the 5 assists was good for us. She also rebounds strong and ended up with 5 huge boards that we had to have."

What is wrong with Blessing Chekwa?
"She has a virus. We thought that she could get over it. I really didn't know until practice yesterday. She had to leave our film and scouting session. She went to the doctor and received some medication. Hopefully, she will get back in within the next couple of days because we need her on the floor."

With the way Alabama came back in the end, were you a little disappointed in your team's play at that point?
"I was disappointed in terms of our toughness and our play defensively because we knew they had 15 or 16 sets. You have to be ready for them to change directions. We were as alert as we should have been. Hopefully, we will watch some film and get better at that."

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