Dr. Zacharias would often say that nothing separates Mississippi State more from the other state universities than our research programs. Dr. Portera would say that no state university was more important to its state than was Mississippi State to Mississippi.

Want to better understand what they were saying?

-MSU has the 13th most powerful supercomputer of any university in the country. (So, it's not just recruiting where we are ranked in the Top 15 nationally!)

-We are the only university in the world that can build a jet airplane on campus. (As we did for Honda from composite materials developed by MSU researchers)

-Our Engineering Research Center (ERC) is World Class and MSU was one of the first universities in the country to meet the rigid requirements to qualify for a Center. (No new jobs for Mississippi)

-Not only did MSU have Mississippi's first website and e-mail address, but we were the first school in Mississippi to have Internet2. (In fact, we were one of 22 universities to develop Internet2! And we are helping other Mississippi universities to hook up)

-When the Department of Defense wanted to upgrade their supercomputing sites around the country they chose the team put together by MSU to do the job. (Ohio State, Tennessee, and Texas are some of the universities that are part of our team We beat out many private companies and their university affiliates to win this huge contract.)

And the above is just the tip of the MSU research iceberg.
(We are probably doing studies with icebergs that I don't even know about. However, I do know that MSU mapped the floor of the Pacific Ocean for the Navy - with a process we developed - and that there is a large underwater mountain range named for Dr. Ralph Powe - our former VP for Research - as the Navy's way of honoring MSU for our work!)

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