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Duke Robinson (Booker T. Washington HS in Atlanta, GA., 6-6, 330), one of the top offensive linemen in the southeast, talked recruiting with Gene's Page.

Duke Robinson Profile:

Who will you be visiting the rest of January and who have you visited?
"I'm visiting Mississippi State this weekend and Arkansas after that. I've visited Oklahoma and Georgia, already. I was going to visit Florida last weekend, but it got cancelled. They changed it to the 28th, but I'm not really sure if I'm going to take that visit."

Who are your finalists?
"Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas.......and Mississippi State and the University of Florida."

How serious are you about Mississippi State?
"I'm looking at them, but I don't know how serious I am about them."

Here's a bonus, an interview with Duke's head coach, Coach Rodney Cofield, one of the top high school coaches in the state of Georgia.

How good is Duke?
"I had an opportunity to play with Tracy Rocker who won the Outland Trophy. Well, Duke is one of the best offensive linemen that I have seen in my high school coaching career.

"Let me break him down for you. He has a defensive-minded mentality playing on offense. Duke wiped out the entire right and left sides. His strength is his feet. He has great feet and is so aggressive. His feet never stop. He could be a running back with his great feet because he is so quick. That's what sets Big Duke apart from all the other high school linemen in the country."

How did Mississippi State get involved with Big Duke?
"Coach Croom and Guy Holliday came in. And naturally, I called Jim Tompkins earlier this summer. State has been so good to my program and our kids. I told Duke that is one place you are going to visit. Out of respect, I think he owns that to them. Plus, talking to Croom, I know he is a good, honest man. I have great respect for Coach Croom because I like his philosophy. He and I have a mirror image about kids and their morals. Who knows what will happen (on the visit). It depends on what they show him while he is there."

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