Recruiting Update - OL Calvin Wilson

One of the top offensive linemen in the nation, Hattiesburg High School's Calvin Wilson, talked about his official visit to Mississippi State this past weekend.

Calvin Wilson Profile:

Talk about how your Mississippi State visit was this weekend?
"It went real good. I enjoyed it."

Was it better than you expected?
"Yes sir, it was better than I expected."

What was it about the visit that was better than expected?
"I talked to the (MSU) players and had a real connection with them."

Which players did you get to meet?
"I got to meet Titus Brown, Richard Burch, Willie Evans, Omarr Conner and a lot more of them."

What did you like about them?
"They all had great personalities. I could really talk to them. It was like I already knew them. They shot me straight on everything that I asked them."

Who was your player host and what did you think about him?
"Deljuan Robinson. They call him boss. I liked him. He was real cool. He was real funny. That's why I liked him."

What recruits did you meet?
"I talked to Chris Spencer, Anthony Johnson and Tim Holloway."

Did they appear to enjoy their visit?
"I believe everyone enjoyed themselves."

What was it about the weekend? Based on talking to recruits, it sounded like it was a perfect weekend?
"There was a lot of chemistry. Everybody just felt at home. It felt good."

Did you commit to Mississippi State during your visit?
"I mean....yeah, I'm close, I'm close. I mean, probably by Thursday I can give you a straight answer. I just want to think about it a few days."

Did your mom take the visit with you? If so, what did she think about it?
"Yes sir. She enjoyed it just like I did."

What other schools have you officially visited?
"Just LSU."

Do you plan on visiting any others?
"I don't know. If I end up committing to State this week I probably won't make anymore visits."

Who are your top schools and do you have them in any kind of order?
"Right now, State is in the lead. Florida is probably second."

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