Recruiting Update - WR Richard Goodman

One of the top wide receivers in the southeast, St. Thomas Aquinas High School's Richard Goodman (6-1, 175, 4.5), talked about his official visit to Mississippi State this weekend.

Richard Goodman Profile:

When did Mississippi State get involved in your recruitment?
"It was like Auburn, Florida and Florida State at first and I don't think Mississippi State thought they had a chance to recruit me, so I think they didn't bother me. But (Mississippi State offensive coordinator) Woody McCorvey is the kind of person that thinks if he has a chance he is going to take it, so that's why he came to me and presented their situation to me. Then, they started recruiting me and wanted me to come up for a visit. At first, I wasn't too sure, but after talking to them, I just felt like I wanted to take the visit this weekend."

What was the deciding factors that led you to take an official visit to Mississippi State?
"Basically, just the opportunity to play as a true freshman in the SEC. I just felt that it would be a great opportunity. I knew a little about (Mississippi State starting quarterback) Omarr Conner being a great quarterback."

Did you know much about Mississippi State prior to your official visit?
"Not really. Before, I had heard a lot about Sylvester Croom. I had heard about him being the first black (head football) coach in the SEC. As a football team, I hadn't heard much about them. The only thing I knew was that Eric Moulds had graduated from there and had a great career there."

After the visit, what is your impressions of Mississippi State?
"From looking at the program now, it is making a complete turnaround. Everything is brand new as far as dorms and weight rooms. They are on the rise."

Did their new facilities surprise you?
"I had heard a little, but I didn't think it was going to be like that."

What is your impression of Coach Croom after getting to know him?
"As a person, I see him as being a friend and not just your coach. He's the type of coach you can always go to. Some head coaches are too busy to take the time to be with you. But he's the type person you can pick up the phone and call. And everything he has told me, so far, has been true. I really like him for that."

What do you think about your recruiting coach, Coach McCorvey?
"He tells me how it is. He tells me how they want to use me and how I can come in and help the team next year. Basically, the Mississippi State staff is the kind of staff you can go and talk to when you have problems. Coach Croom told us that his staff was handpicked. I think a lot of those guys weren't there before he got there. I think they are there because they remind Coach Croom of himself."

Who was your player host and what did you think about him?
"Omarr Conner. He is a great guy. He told me how it is. He told me that they really needed receivers and that I could come in and help them."

Did you get to meet any of the other recruits while on the visit?
"Yeah, basically, me and (Baldwin (GA) HS WR) Nick Kyles were together the whole trip."

Did you commit to Mississippi State while on your visit?
"No, I didn't."

Where does Mississippi State stand now that you've visited them?
"I don't have a pecking order, but they are in my top three. My top three is probably Florida State, Mississippi State and Auburn."

What schools have you officially visited?
"Just Auburn."

Who else do you plan on visiting?
"NC State, Florida State and Florida."

When will you visit them?
"I'm supposed to go to NC State this weekend. The last two, it's not for sure that I'm going to visit both. It's either Florida State or Florida."

Have you received scholarship offers from all the schools that you have visited and may visit?
"Yes sir, I have offers from all of them."

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