Adron Chambers Talked About His MSU Visit

Pensacola (FL) wide receiver Adron Chambers, an MSU commitment, talked with Gene's Page about his official visit to Mississippi State this past weekend.

Adron Chambers Profile

How was your visit to MSU?
"It was a great experience. Coach Croom is a great person."

Has your opinion of MSU changed after your visit and if so, how?
"I was always firmly committed to State. I just wanted to go and see how I fit in and what adjustments I would have to make, how I personally have to adapt."

What do you think about the Mississippi State coaches after being around them this past weekend?
"All the coaches already knew me, so that made me feel good. It makes me feel that they are interested in me as a person."

Who was your player host and what are your thoughts about him?
"My host was (freshman) Jonathan Lowe. He's another version of me. He's a kittle guy like me and he treated me like a brother. He showed around the school."

Did you meet any other recruits?
"Some of the players that I met were (recruit) Duke Robinson and (MSU freshman) Keith Fitzhugh. They all seemed to appreciate the kind of person that Coach Croom is, his straightforwardness, his honesty. He brings a lot of character to the game of football."

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