Tray Rutland Talks About His MSU Visit

Tri-Cities High School QB Tray Rutland (6-2, 217, 4.6) talked to Gene's Page about his official visit to Mississippi State this past weekend.

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How did your visit to Mississippi State go this past weekend?
"The visit went the best, man. It was great. You just can't beat the way they cared for us on the visit and how we (recruits) depended on one another. That's where I would like to go to."

Really? How about rating the visit on a scale of 1 to 10.
"I give it a 10, man."

Who was your player host while at Mississippi State?
"Kevin Dockery and I was also with Darren Williams. They were great. Darren is my girlfriend's first cousin."

Did you know Darren prior to the visit?
"We had talked on the phone, but I had never met him. I had seen pictures, but this was my first time to meet him. We had a great time together."

Did you get to meet any of the other recruits? Is so, what did you think about them?
"I met everybody, man. Everybody that they brought in were all-stars, had been in some kind of all-star game. And they were all ready to commit."

Did you bond with any of the other recruits?
"I got real close to (MSU commitments) Adron Chambers and Brandon Hart. And me, Quinton Wesley and George Robinson are all near each other. Both of them stay right by me. They come to my house or I go to where they are. We play playstation or whatever."

After the visit, where does Mississippi State stand as far as your recruitment is concern?
"They are my number one school, now." (Tray called me just before I started transcribing this interview to tell me that he has committed to Mississippi State. I posted his commitment in the Network Hot News section at the top of the front page.-Gene)

What is it about Mississippi State that you like so well?
"Well, honestly, first of all, State is in the SEC. And I can stay close to home. I'm from Georgia. I get an opportunity to play for a coach (Sylvester Croom) that used to be a pro coach. And he is just a great guy. I'm looking forward to him not only being a coach, but a father figure, too."

What schools have you officially visited and who else are you thinking about visiting?
"Just Tulane and Mississippi State. I was also going to visit Bowling Green and Memphis."

Are you also a baseball player as well?
"Yes, I am a baseball player."

What position do you play?
"I pitch and play centerfield."

Do you plan on playing both sports in college?
"I don't know."

I've heard a rumor that you throw a 97 miles per hour fastball. Is that true or is it one of those urban legends?
"No, that's (laugh)'s just 93"

I know baseball and there's no such thing as JUST a 93 miles per hour fastball, Tray.

Is it consistently 93 or is that your top fastball?
"That's my top speed."

What do you throw consistently?
"Around 89 to 90."

What was your fastball velocity as a junior?
"I clocked in before this (past) summer. I threw 88, then."

What pro teams are showing interest in you?
"The Cincinnati Reds, Minnesota Twins, the Expos and Colorado. They really like me. Everytime I get on the field, I impress them."

What is your preference, college football or pro baseball?
"I would like to play football in the SEC, but if they (pro baseball) throw the right amount at me, I could always come back (to college)."

What is the right amount?
"The right amount of money so that I could take care of some things around here."

Did you talk to the Mississippi State football coaches about the possibility of you playing both baseball and football in college?
"Yeah, I told them exactly what I told you."

What did they say? Did they say it was ok?
"We really didn't talk about it too much. But, after I told them that I had that kind of fastball, they were kind of like whoa."

Did you meet any of the baseball coaches while at Mississippi State?
"Yes, the head baseball coach (Ron Polk)."

What did he have to say to you?
"He said, 'you make sure you come to State, now.' "

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