Ryan Perrilloux Talks About His MSU Visit

Ranked one of the top two quarterbacks in the nation, according to Scout.com, East Saint John High School QB Ryan Perrilloux, talked about his official visit to Mississippi State.

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How did your visit to State go this week?
"It went real well. I met all the coaches, some of the players. It was first-class. It was a nice visit."

Did anything surprise you about the visit?
"It surprised me a little bit as far as how nice the school really was."

What did you learn about Mississippi State that you didn't know about it?
"They have nice facilities. They are remodeling, which will make them even nicer. Everything about them was so nice. I just really like the school."

What do you think about their type offense?
"The West Coast Offense is a nice offense for a mobile quarterback. Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb run that type offense."

Was that one of the things that attracted you to Mississippi State?
"Yeah, everybody is running it, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb. That's the offense that will get you ready for the next level."

What did you mean when you said you are going to shock the world with your commitment?
"You know, just like it sounded. I'm going to shock you. There is no meaning. Signing day will tell it all."

When are you going to announce?
"Signing day."

Will it be on ESPN?
"I don't know, yet."

Who was your player host? And what did you think about him?
"Omarr Conner. He is a nice fellow. He is the starting quarterback there now. He is real nice."

I know you had a little trouble getting to Mississippi State?
"It took me eleven hours."

Did that affect your feelings about Mississippi State?
"No, that didn't affect anything. The plane was held up."

Did you and your mom drive back?
"Yeah, it took us four hours."

Where does Mississippi State stand with you, now?
"They are alright. They are where they are supposed to be at."

So, they are right up there with the other two, LSU and Texas?
"You know, they are right where they are supposed to be at."

Who else do you have left to visit?
"LSU, that's it."

So, it's those three, MSU, LSU and Texas?

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