Louis Ellis Talks About his Visit to MSU

Lanier High School defensive lineman Louis Ellis, one of the top two defensive linemen in Mississippi, talked about his official visit to Mississippi State this past weekend.

Louis Ellis Profile:

How did the visit to Mississippi State go this weekend?
"When I got there, I had to go to the football office. They showed us around the offices. Then, I went to my room. Later we ate. We ate about five times a day. I didn't starve."

(Laugh) Have you weighed yourself since you got home to see if you gained any weight from eating so much?
"I weighed up there (at Mississippi State). I was 6-3 and 290. That was after all that eating, though.

"They asked me if I had been working out in the weightroom. I told them I haven't been in the weightroom since August, but I still look like I go everyday."

They must have been impressed with how well you looked physically.
"Yeah, they said I looked like a brick house."

While on the visit, did you get to meet all of the Mississippi State coaches?
"Yeah, but I already knew the majority of them."

Since you were able to have a personal one on one meeting with Coach Croom during the visit, what is your impression of him, now?
"He is a nice dude. I can sure stand for him being my coach."

Would you say the visit made your Mississippi State commitment even stronger?
"It made it super strong."

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