[Premium article] Nick Brooks is one of the top cornerback prospects in the South. He traveled from Warner-Robbins, Georgia to visit the Mississippi State campus this past weekend. I interviewed Nick to find out how his visit went.

Nick, how did your visit to MSU go this weekend?
"It went pretty good. I just met with some of the players, we went out, and we toured the campus. We went to the basketball game too. That was about it."

Who was you host?
"Gabe Wallace."

What did you think of him?
"He seems like a pretty good guy."

You play cornerback right?

What kind of cover guy are you?
"Yea, I'm a pretty good cover guy. I probably got beat once or twice."

You only got beat once or twice in three years, or this year?
"Well last year I didn't get beat at all. I might have gotten beat on a pass but not for a touchdown. But that was probably it."

That's a good record. What kind of speed do you have?
"4.4 or 4.5."

I hear you are big for a cornerback?
"Yea, I'm about 6-1, 180."

Do you play any other positions?
"No I just play corner."

So you are a pure cover guy?

Getting back to your visit. What did you think of coach Sherrill?
"He was straight forward with me. It seemed like he was an honest guy and wouldn't tell me anything that wasn't true. He didn't beat around the bush or anything - he just told me how it was going to be if I go there."

Does he talk about studies a lot?
"He said academics was the main thing, and then athletics. He also said he was concerned with our social and spiritual growth; the whole person."

Did coach Sherrill offer you a scholarship?
"Yea, I guess he did. He showed me a little paper with my name and stuff on it. It had some signing papers at the end of it. They said they want me there."

I spoke to two of your teammates already. They both said that they enjoyed their visit and were leaning to State. After the visit this weekend, are you leaning anywhere?
"It is between Florida, LSU, and Mississippi State."

Have you visited all those schools?
"Yea, all of them. And I go to Georgia Tech this weekend."

Well, I know you haven't made all your visits yet, but do you have a favorite at this point?
"No, I still don't have a clear cut favorite right now."

Have you visited Florida since they lost Spurrier?
"Yea, I went right after he left. The coaches seem pretty upbeat over there. I met with the coach (Zook). Yea, I liked them pretty good."

Do you feel like Florida is going to stay at that level?
"I don't know if they can stay at that level with the new coaches and program. I couldn't say."

Why don't you compare the schools you have visited so far.
"Really they are all about the same but M. State is a pure college town. Everything centers around the university. I kind of liked that because it was a college town atmosphere. But other than that, it was about the same."

Out of MSU, LSU, and Florida, which do you feel would give you the fastest playing time?
"It seems like at LSU I would get the fastest playing time. This past year, they were playing safeties at corner. And at Florida, I don't know who they have. I'm gonna ask the coaches that when I talk to them."

Do any of the coaches you talk to promise you playing time right away?
"No, they all say they can't promise you anything. It just depends on how hard you work and that you'll have to go from there."

Let's talk about your teammates. How would you describe Rashad Johnson?
"I would say his power and his ability to be around the ball all the time. He is a good tackler. He's all over the place and has good football instincts."

What about Roger Williams?
"He's a good tackler at DB, and he's a good cover guy too."

Thanks for your time and good luck with your decision.

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