[Premium article] Rashad Johnson is a RB/LB/S prospect from Northside High School in Warner-Robbins, Georgia. He took an official visit to Mississippi State with two of his high school teammates, and seemed to enjoy his visit. This is what he had to say:

Rashad, I just wanted to know how your visit went this weekend?
"It went good. We just chilled out with the players and got to know them. We met with the coaches to get to know how the team is run and how the program is run. We toured the campus and things like that."

What was your favorite part?
"Probably just touring the campus, exploring, and going to the basketball game."

How was the basketball game?
"It was real good. I enjoyed it. The fans were real supportive and everything. It was good."

I think you had two of your teammates there with you this weekend, is that right?
"Yea, Nick Brooks and Roger Williams."

And you guys are from Warner Robbins?
"We go to Northside which is in Warner-Robbins."

I see. Tell me how you got interested in Mississippi State?
"Well basically, when I was in the ninth grade and growing up, I had liked them and that's the college I wanted to go to. I never thought I would have the chance, but then they started calling and sending letters and showing that they were interested in me. I liked that because that's the school I've been wanting to go to."

So you hav liked State since the ninth grade?
"Yea, that has been my favorite team."

Even though you lived in Georgia?

I wonder how you started liking them all the way from Georgia?
"I really don't know - I just watched them on TV."

Was there any players from your area that played at State?
"Well, Willie Blade. He went to my school. I really didn't know him that well but I have seen him before. And then Anthony Sessions - he was supposed to go to Mississippi State but ended up going to Tenn. We are like brothers."

Well tell me about yourself as a player. What position did you play?
"I played tailback and linebacker."

What's your size?
"I'm about 6-1, 205."

What position did the Mississippi State coaches tell you that you would likely play?
"They told me that they would try me at tailback and DOG safety. They will try me at both and see which one I like."

Which do you want to play?
"DOG safety. But I'll play whichever one I will do the best at."

You must be pretty speedy?
"Um, I've got football speed. I'm ok. I'm not real fast, I'm not slow, just in between."

Getting back to your visit, who was your host?
"Kamau Jackson. He is real cool, real friendly and real nice. We talked about the school. He seems like a great person - everybody down there seems like great people, players and coaches. It's a small town, I like that. There is a lot of support of the college there. I'm looking for that in a school."

I guess you talked to Coach Sherrill this weekend; did he offer you a scholarship?
"He really didn't say anything about a scholarship. I mean I'm sure they are going to offer me, but right now I haven't qualified. I'll probably go to a two-year school first and then transfer. That's what I'm going to end up doing most likely."

So you might go to junior college and gain some weight?
"Yea, I'm going go down there and lift weights and work on my game and get better, and then go down to Mississippi State and play."

So your saying you are leaning to State at this point?
"Yea, as of right now I am. That's what it's looking like. I'm going to go ahead and sign with them on signing day."

What are your strengths as a player?
"Basically, I just make plays. I'm all over the field. You just have to love it to play, you know. Coach Tompkins wants me to play linebacker for them. He had another player he said I reminded him of."

Ok. Just one more question. What you think of your two teammates as players? (Nick Brooks and Roger Williams)
"Nick is a very good player, probably one of the best DBs in the State. He has a lot of talent. He practices hard and plays hard. He is big and fast. He is big for a corner. And Roger, the same thing for him too. He is not as fast but he can move. He's good at hitting and covering. He's probably one of the best strong safeties who can cover, and he plays free safety too."

Thanks for your time, I appreciate it.
"I appreciate it."

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