[Premium article] Roger Williams is a SS/FS prospect out of Northside High School in Warner-Robbins, Georgia. He visited MSU this past weekend and is now leaning to the Bulldogs.

I just wanted to know how your visit went this weekend?
"It was pretty good. They treated us real nice and I liked what I saw."

What did you like the most?
"I liked how the team was like a big family and I liked the coaches. They seemed like they were more academic (minded). They said they were going to keep us in the books."

Who was your host?
"Curtis Stowers and McKinley Scott."

Did you talk to the coaches?
"Yea, I talked to all of them. (Sunday) I talked to Coach Sherrill. We went over a few things about the school and about academics."

Did he offer you a scholarship?
"Yea, he offered me a full scholarship. And I think he and Coach Tompkins are coming to my school this week, so I'll know then what I'm going to do."

Do you have a favorite right now?
"Probably Mississippi State or Florida State. I like FSU, but I think I like Mississippi State more because I can still play some corner. They (MSU) runs five DBs, so if I learn all the positions, then anything can happen. I know I can end up playing, maybe not start my freshman year, but I can play. Florida State's crowd and stadium may be bigger, but I want to be on the field. There is no sense sitting on the sidelines. I want to play."

You play free safety and strong safety, you must have pretty good size?
"I'm about 6-1, 185."

What's your speed?
"I run about a 4.5."

What do you think about your two teammates?
"They are good players and I think they enjoyed their visits. I think Rashad thinks he's going to Mississippi State too. I don't know about Nick; he said he doesn't know. It's a big guess where he's going. He's got to go to Georgia Tech this weekend."

What kind of player is Nick?
"He is a good size corner and he's got good cover skills. Cover-wise, you aren't going to get past him. He's got good breakaway speed and is a good tackler. Rashad, he's got good size. If he gets bigger, he would be a good linebacker. Right now, he's a safety or linebacker. He just runs to the ball and hits."

So he's a hitter?
"He can hit. I don't know if he can hit as good as me, but he can hit (laugh)."

So is that your strength, hitting?
"Well, I do both really. I like to hit, but I like to cover too. I'm not about to let anybody beat me deep because I don't want to hear any talking after somebody catches the ball."

Are you taking any more visits?
"I've got West Georgia Thursday, and Florida State this weekend. After I go to FSU, if I like what I see, I will see how things are going, and I might sign on signing day, but I don't know."

So if you had to sign today, where would you sign?
"Mississippi State, more than likely."

Alright, I appreciate your time.

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