[Premium article] Brandon Jenkins is one of the top defensive players in Memphis as well as the state of Tennessee. Charles Johnson caught up with Brandon after his unofficial visit to Ole Miss this past weekend.<P> This is an excellent interview in the fact that you really understand the difficulty a youngster goes through when trying to decide between two schools that have obviously impressed him a great deal.

So you were visiting again this weekend?
"Yes, I went back to Oxford, unofficially."

OK, what was different than before?
"Well, this time it was me, my mother, my aunt and my position coach, Coach Deberry. This time when I went down it was totally different. I am glad I went because I saw more of the school. The last time every body was gone for the holidays, so when I went back everybody was there. They had a basketball game against South Carolina and there were more people on campus. So when I went back down and went to the game, the people accepted me with open arms like I had been there plenty of times. They knew me by name like they've done their homework. That impressed my mom and me tremendously and my coach was really impressed at how they have grown, because he sent some players down there a couple of years ago. He was really impressed with the facilities and the team. They seem to enjoy themselves down there."

Well, did you commit?
"No sir. Like I told Coach Bobby, it is between them and Mississippi State and I told him it is going to be between them because they have they same type of deal going on. I just adore both coaching staffs. Coach Cutcliff and Coach Sherrill are two different men, but I like them both. Coach Sherrill is a more classy guy and Coach Cutcliff is more cool and laid back. I like both styles of people. The coaching staffs are real strong so I cannot choose based on that. The academic aspect is fine with both schools. State graduates 70% or more players. Also Ole Miss, so I can't choose off of that."

Did you meet any other recruits down there?
"I met the receiver from Clarksdale."

The receiver from Clarksdale?
"Yes sir, he said he committed to Mississippi State."

What kind of fellow did he seem to be?
"He is a real cool dude. He seemed like he liked to have fun, a party animal. He is one of those people who is always into something."

It is interesting that he stood out. He must have had that special personality. Who else do you remember?
"I remember a guy named Jeff. I don't remember his last name. He was at my TSU visit. He is an offensive lineman."

What timetable are you looking at as far as committing? Time is really something you do not have a lot of.
"Oh man I know. After this week, I will make a commitment. I have visits from Ole Miss and State's (coaches) this week. Honestly, I am getting tired. It is really nerve-wrecking and confusing. You don't want to turn down a coach that has put all of his effort into getting you. That is the hardest thing to do. My mom is tired of the phone ringing. I know it only happens once and I am not going to rush my decision, but I am going to hurry up with it."

Thank you Brandon.

Charles Johnson is a recruiting correspondent for Gene's Page (, the unofficial source for Mississippi State sports on the internet.

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