Shira Fieldhouse Addition

The Shira Fieldhouse addition is just a few short weeks away from being completed. I toured the facility yesterday. Included is a description of what I saw and a few pictures.

When you first walk in from the front of the building (the east side), you see a short hallway. You walk down the hallway and turn to the left and that takes you to a huge football meeting room. Behind the meeting room is a walkway that leads you to what was once the side entrance of the old Shira Fieldhouse.

A large room for NFL scouts is located around the corner of the team meeting room.

When you walk back to the hallway and look toward the west side of the building, you see the new football equipment room. Just guessing on my part, but it must be about 3 to 4 times larger than the previous equipment room. Like the old equipment room, this one is beside the locker room so that equipment can be easily distributed to the players.

The locker room looks to be approximately 3,000 to 3,500 square feet. I believe there are going to be approximately 130 lockers. Each locker is about 4.5 feet across and almost 10 feet tall. Each has a seating area, a place to hang your clothes and a storage area at the top. (See pictures 1-3 below.)

On the east and west sides of the locker room are where the showers are located. There are 10 showers in each section. Unlike the previous showers, which was an open area, these have walls separating them. The walls are covered with maroon and white tiles as is the floor. (See picture 5 below.)

A hallway on the north side of the locker room leads to the new players' lounge, a room that I estimate to be between 2,000 and 2,500 square feet. Several computers and televisions will be put in the room.

The hallway continues around the locker room leading to the west side of the addition and down to the bottom floor of the building. The weight room and training room are located on that floor.

When you walk into the bottom floor from the west side, the training room is to the right and the weight room is to the left. The training room has several offices for trainers and three offices for the team doctors. The old training room had one office for a team doctor. There are two medium size whirlpool baths (see picture 6 below) and one large one that is called the swimming pool. There are two sections to the training room, one for training tables. Not sure about the other section. The size of the room is about 2 times larger than the old training room.

The weight room goes around the entire bottom floor and is approximately 3,400 square feet, which is about two times larger than the current weight room. (See picture 4 below.). The room has three offices and a shower/dressing room for the strength coaches.

The thing that surprises you about the addition is how large it is inside. From the outside, it doesn't look as large as it actually is.

Shira Fieldhouse Addition.

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