LB Brandon Whittie Signs with MSU

Brandon Whittie, a 6-2, 230-pound linebacker with 4.5 speed from Englewood HS (Jacksonville, FL), signed with Mississippi State early this morning.

Brandon Whittie Profile:

Did you commit to Mississippi State?
"Yes sir, I did."

When did you officially visit Mississippi State?
"Monday and Tuesday."

Did you commit then or wait until you got home?
"I waited until I got home."

When did you sign with them?
"I signed the papers this morning."

Why did you decide to sign with Mississippi State?
"They stuck with me throughout the entire recruiting process, while all the other colleges dropped me. I just got my new (qualifying) test score and they stuck with me, so I decided to commit to them."

When did you receive your test score?
"I received it about a week ago."

What Mississippi State coach recruited you?
"Coach (Amos) Jones came down here to see me."

I guess you are pretty excited about signing with State and an SEC school.
"I was just happy to be signing. And signing with the SEC is great because that is a major conference and I'll be playing with the best of the best."

What other schools were recruiting you?
"West Virginia, Clemson, Central Florida....there wrere a lot of schools."

What is your height, weight and forty speed?
"My height is 6-2. My weight is 230. And my forty speed is 4.5."

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