What to Expect from Goodridge and Rimmer

Scout.com's National Recruiting Director Dave Telep, who has seen MSU signee Vernon Goodridge and MSU commitment Bernard Rimmer play, talked about each and his early college expectations for both.

What do you like about Vernon Goodridge?
"I think the strengths of Vernon's game lie in the fact that he can run, rebound and block shots. He is an excellent athlete, especially on the defensive end where he uses his athleticism to impact games. I think he will come into college, strong enough, athletic enough and ready to help out on that end of the floor. Offensively, it has been a little slow progression for him, but one of the great things about him is he is a real good kid and very coachable. He is going to respond well to college level teaching."

Do you feel he will be able to come in and be a starter in the SEC immediately?
"I think it will depend on Mississippi State. I think your expectations for him should be different. He has never been a huge point producer in high school. To ask him to produce points right off the bat may be asking a little much of him."

But he's already there defensively and rebounding-wise?
"Oh yeah, that is where he excels and where he can make an impact on their team."

Describe Bernard Rimmer.
"Basically, Bernard Rimmer is a bouncy, athletic guy. What he lacks in height, he makes up in energy and a little bit of athleticim. (Offensively) he is probably comfortable out to about 10 feet from the basket. I think he will be an energy guy off the bench."

What is your opinion of his offense?
"It is all predicated on his athleticism. He is an SEC caliber athlete. Because he is a good athlete, he can go block the block and chase some shots. He's not the greatest shot-blocker because he's not the biggest kid. He is, basically, a guy who is a little bit raw and is getting by on both ends due to his athleticsm."

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