Coach Croom is at Home and Doing Fine

As reported by Dawgs' Bite's David Murray last week, Coach Sylvester Croom was scheduled to have knee surgery last Friday to repair a knee that he injured during his football playing days in college and the NFL. According to Head Athletic Trainer Paul Mock, all went well and,"(Coach Croom) is at home and doing fine."

Coach Croom, who had a "partial knee replacement," according to Mike Nemeth, the MSU Associate AD/Media and Public Relations, has already begun to walk. In fact, not only is he walking - with the help of a walker - but he plans on meeting all of his obligations, including attending a Golf Tournament in Atlanta next Monday, although he won't be playing golf. As Mock said, he will be doing rehab in the morning and doing his speaking engagements in the afternoon and night.

Although he will take a day of rest today and be out of the office the rest of the week, he will begin his rehab Tuesday. His rehab will consist of working with the MSU athletic training department 1 hour a day, five days a week, as well as doing some exercises on his own. According to Mock, his rehab could take up to "6 to 8 weeks," although that's the worst case scenario. Mock is hopeful Coach Croom will be 100% healed before then.

While Coach Croom doesn't want a fuss made of this, I know there are probably many of you who would like to mail him a get-well note or card. You can mail them to the MSU Football Office, attention Coach Sylvester Croom.

MSU Football Office
Attn: Coach Sylvester Croom
P.O. Box 5308
Mississippi State, MS. 39762

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