The Voice Tells Mississippi State Fans Thanks

Jack Cristil admits he doesn't have or want access to the "interstate", his title for the world wide web. But the Voice of the Bulldogs has something to say to Mississippi State fans via the internet.

It's a heartfelt thank-you.

Cristil was in attendence at Monday night's Babe McCarthy Tipoff Club awards banquet, making his first MSU-related appearance in a month. The legendary broadcast voice of Bulldog football and basketball was sidelined in mid-March by pneumonia, and had to miss Mississippi State's trip to Charlotte for NCAA Tournament play.

The absence took away some of the pleasure Bulldog fans would normally have in postseason play as they could not hear the action described by the only voice most recognize describing State games. And the illness certainly had MSU fans worried. It was their outpouring of concern that Cristil wanted to recognize, as he requested a special message be posted on the "interstate."

"I want everybody in the Mississippi State family," Jack told Dawgs' Bite. "I mean this very sincerely, that I do appreciate their prayers, their thoughts, their kindness, their consideration. The cards, the calls, all the good wishes...and it's all been very meaningful."

Having Cristil at Monday's banquet meant much to the crowd, too, which gave him an ovation. And athletic director Larry Templeton had something to say as well. "I want everybody to know that we can count on Jack to continue for a 53rd year," he told the room, which cheered again.

Not surprisingly, Cristil had good words to say to everyone that cares about the Bulldogs and MSU. "When we talk about a Mississippi State family, we may use that term loosely," he said. "But I have experienced it. It's mind-boggling."

Welcome back, Jack.

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