Coach Stansbury Discusses MSU Basketball Situation

With all the speculation about the Mississippi State basketball program in newspapers, on the internet and on the radio, one person has remained silent...that is until now. That person is the man at the helm of the MSU basketball program, head coach Rick Stansbury. Coach Stansbury talked to Dawgs' Bite/Gene's Page about all the speculation in a candid interview earlier this evening.

He discussed the possibility that Charles Rhodes and Jerrell Houston would not be back.

"Both Charles Rhodes and Jerrell Houston will be back," said Stansbury. "I was waiting until they got through with their finals, then I would sit down with them and discuss their situations. After meeting with them, I made the decision that they will be back. And both are eligible."

It has long been rumored that Walter Sharpe would also not be coming back. Has a decision been made about him?

"Nothing has been decided about him," said Stansbury. "I will make a decision later."

Gary Ervin, who visited the University of Arkansas last weekend and may visit other schools, has stated to the media that he is undecided about whether he will be back at Mississippi State next year. Has a decision been made in his case?

"Gary Ervin won't be back," said Stansbury. "We (the MSU staff) decided it was best for him and the Mississippi State basketball program that he transfer. Gary is a great person and I wish him well."

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