Artist Renderings of the Palmeiro Center

Included are pictures of the 38,000 square foot Palmeior Center. The pictures are courtesy of the MSU Media Relations Department.

The interior area will be 185 feet wide and 368 feet long, and will have a ceiling height of 60 feet. The 68,000 square foot floor area will accommodate a complete baseball infield within the context of a full football playing field. Retractable batting cages and football goal posts will also be included in the facility.

The project's price tag, 3.8 million dollars, will also includes a baseball coaches' office complex.

The second phase of construction at the Palmeiro Center will be the development of the parking area just west of Humphrey Coliseum.

A front view of the Palmeiro Center. The banquet hall is in the front of the building.

A view of the banquet center.

Another view from above the center.

A side view of the center.

A view from above the Palmeiro Center and the surrounding facilities and parking areas. If you look to the right of the center, you'll note the MSU baseball coaches' offices.

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