SEC Tournament Standings Going Into Weekend

Here are the Southeastern Conference overall baseball standings going into the May 6-7-8 weekend, with series matchups and remaining series. Standings will be updated after Friday night's results.

1. Florida 14-7 (@Arkansas)

2. Alabama 13-8 (@Miss. State)

3. Tennessee 12-8 (vs.S.Carolina)

t4. LSU 12-9 (vs.Kentucky)

t4. Mississippi 12-9 (@Auburn)

t4. S.Carolina 12-9 (@Tennessee)

7. Vanderbilt 10-11 (@Georgia)

8. Miss. State 9-11 (vs.Alabama)

------------------------- t.9 Auburn 9-12 (vs.Mississippi)

t.9 Arkansas 9-12 (vs.Florida)

11. Georgia 7-13 (vs.Vanderbilt)

12. Kentucky 5-15 (@LSU)

Tiebreaks so far: 4.LSU is 2-1 vs. Miss, 0-3 vs. SC; Mississippi and South Carolina yet to play. 9.Auburn is 2-1 vs. Arkansas.

The respective Division champions will be seeded 1 and 2 automatically at Hoover.

Remaining Series:

Florida: vs.Miss. State, @Vanderbilt

Alabama: vs.Arkansas, @Auburn

Tennessee: @LSU, vs.Georgia

LSU: vs.Tennessee, @Miss. State

Mississippi: vs.South Carolina, @Arkansas

S.Carolina: @Mississippi, vs.Kentucky

Vanderbilt: @Kentucky, vs.Florida

Miss. State: @Florida, vs.LSU

Auburn: @Georgia, vs.Alabama

Arkansas: @Alabama, vs.Mississippi

Georgia: vs.Auburn, @Tennessee

Kentucky: vs.Vanderbilt, @S.Carolina

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