MSU Offensive Coordinator Woody McCorvey Interview

With spring practice concluded a few weeks ago and the players headed home for about three weeks before coming back for the summer session, Mississippi State offensive coordinator, Woody McCorvey, gives an update as to where his offense stands.

Woody McCorvey

How did the offense do, overall, during the spring?
"I was pleased with the progress the quarterbacks made. Mike Henig showed us that he can go in and do an adequate job as a backup quarterback. Omarr (Conner) had a consistent spring. Something that Omarr is doing a good job of is he is aware of where his receivers are. When things break down down field, he can find his underneath and his check downs.

"Another pleasant thing was (wide receiver) Will Prosser making plays. Every time we had a scrimmage, he made a big play. Another thing that I was pleased with was Tee (Milons) showing some consistency.

"On the offensive line, (Chris) McNeil, (Anthony) Strauder and Brian Anderson did well. The problem we have are the tackles. That is something that we are going to have to look at and find a remedy to, whether it be moving someone from the inside or maybe a freshman coming in and helping us. We may be able to move Anderson to tackle and move Johnny Wadley to guard. Hopefully, somebody can come in and show us during two-a-days that they can do the job.

"At running back, there is no doubt that Jerious Norwood solidified his status as a starter. He will do well as our starter. (Redshirt freshman) Brandon Thornton showed that he can be a decent backup. I think we helped ourselves with the move of Dezmond Sherrod to fullback as a backup to Bryson Davis.

"At tight end, Eric Butler was a little slow early in the spring, but came around after he came back. And we found another tight end in Jason Husband. He gives us a threat against linebackers and safeties that we didn't have. That's two quality guys at tight end."

How far away are you from the talent level you would like to have?
"The group coming in will help solidify some positions, but we need another good, solid recruiting year. And we need for this freshman class to have another year of maturity."

How tough will it be for the freshmen to come in and play immediately in a conference as tough as the SEC?
"It is going to be very tough. That's why I think Brian Anderson might be moved to tackle and Johnny Wadley play guard. That way, you are only concerned about playing one (freshman). I've been in situations like that before. If you are playing one, you can cover it up. But if you have to cover up for two, it's tough."

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