State Sets 25-Man Post-Season Roster

Coach Ron Polk posted the list of the 25 Diamond Dogs who will make up the roster for this week's Southeastern Conference Tournament. These are the names submitted to the SEC Office for tourney participation. The roster can change for the NCAA, though, assuming Mississippi State receives a bid to the 64-team field.

Infielders/Catchers (7): 1B Brad Jones, 2B Jeffrey Rea, SS/3B Michael Rutledge, SS Bunky Kateon, SS/2B Daniel Tackett, C/3B Thomas Berkery, C/3B Ed Easley

Outfielders (7): RF Brad Corley, CF Joseph Hunter, LF Brian LaNinfa, LF/CF Jeff Butts, CF/rDH Joseph McCaskill, LF/lDH Mitch Moreland, CF Ben Grisham

Righthanded Pitchers (8): Alan Johnson, Josh Johnson, Brett Cleveland, Mike Valentine, Jon Crosby, Todd Doolittle, John Lalor, Saunders Ramsey

Lefthanded Pitchers (3): Brooks Dunn, Justin Pigott, Eric Ebers

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