Fifth Annual Charity Classic

The men of Kappa Sigma and Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity of Mississippi State University would like to invite you to the Fifth Annual Charity Classic. This is a full contact football game between the two fraternities. The two teams will play a NFL style game with NFL officials. The game takes place at Jaycee Field in Starkville on Friday, March 1, 2002 at 7:00 pm.

This year the proceeds are going to benefit Bradley Powell. Bradley Powell is a junior at Mississippi State from Monticello, MS. He is married and has a 17-month old daughter. Bradley was involved in a car accident in 1996 that broke his neck and confined him to a wheel chair. Bradley is now a candidate for spinal reconstruction surgery. The reconstructive surgery will be performed by Dr. Carl Kao, a neurosurgeon in Washington D.C. Dr. Kao has assured Bradley that if he follows the therapy after surgery, he will be able to walk again in two years. He will also be able to hold his daughter for the first time ever. The surgery will occur sometime this March. Bradley's wife, Janet, is currently student teaching and the only income the family has right now is a disability check that he receives from Social Security.

We ask for your donations and contributions to help benefit Bradley Powell. Ads, T-shirts and game tickets are being sold to help raise the money. The ads will be placed in programs that are sold at the game. If you are interested in a contribution, T-shirt, game ticket or just more information about Charity Classic contact Kell Smith by phone (662) 615-4778, email or send a letter to P.O. Box KS, MSU, Mississippi State, Mississippi 39762.

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