Class of 2006 Prospect - TX DE Sean Estelle

Mississippi State's coaching staff appears to be recruiting areas of Texas hard this recruiting season. With two commitments from Missouri City's Thurgood Marshall High School confirmed, MSU is also looking at several other prospects from that school. OT Dimitri Lott, who was previously interviewed on this site is one, and DE Sean Estelle is another. Sean talked with Gene's Page about his recruitment.

Sean Estelle Profile:

What schools are most interested in you at this point?

"Northwestern and Indiana are the two schools that are showing a lot of interest," said Estelle, a 6-3, 245-pounder with 4.76 speed in the forty. "They send me text messages and things like that. Others that are showing interest are TCU, University of Houston, Arizona, UTEP, University of Central Florida, New Mexico State and Mississippi State."

Has he received any offers?

"All of those schools that I mentioned have offered scholarships," said Estelle, who plans on attending USC and TCU camps this summer. "I received my first offer in the middle of spring football. The first one that offered was U-of-H. Then, they started coming in back to back to back. I have always wanted to play football, but I didn't expect it to bring this much attention. It is exciting."

Are there other schools that are showing interest or that he is interested in that haven't offered?

"I've grown up a fan of Nebraska," said Estelle. "I've heard that they came down to our school and liked me, but I haven't heard anything from them. I haven't received any letters from them. Oklahoma has sent letters and I'm hoping that they will offer."

Who stands atop his list of schools at this point in his recruitment?

"I have a top three right now," said Estelle. "Number 1 is Northwestern, number 2 is Indiana and number 3 is Iowa State. Mississippi State is like number 4 or number 5."

Three of those four schools have offered scholarships. The one that hasn't is Iowa State. Are they close to offering?

"They said they were going to offer sometime within the next couple of weeks," explained Estelle. "That's why they are number 3."

What does he know about the schools that he has as his top four?

"First of all, I have done a lot of research on Northwestern's educational system," said Estelle, a good student who is thinking about majoring in Sports Medicine. "It's not just about football with me. They have a 100% graduation rate. That's what really caught my eye about them. They also have a pretty good football team, too.

"Indiana has showed a lot of love to me. They seem like they are really interested. And I know they offer a decent education, too. I've done a lot of research on them. They've just got the coach from Miami of Ohio and they are in the rebuilding process.

"It's the same with Iowa State. They don't have the best talent on their football team, but they do what they can and produce a good football team. If they were to have the same talent as some of the other schools in the Big 10, they would do something big.

"I really don't know too much about (Mississippi State). The only thing I know about them is they are the first SEC school with the first black (head football) coach. That's about as much as I know about them."

Does Mississippi State being in the SEC enhance their status in his eyes?

"Oh yeah, I like the SEC conference," said Estelle.

Keep it right here as we continue to follow the recruitment of Estelle all the way up to signing day.

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