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Dan Kreamer (6-1, 190, 4.53) is a hard-hitting free safety who plays for Louisiana high school super power Evangel Christian. Mississippi State is one of the colleges that he is very interested in.

Dan Kreamer Profile:

Dan Kreamer, a ferocious hitter who plays for one of the top high school football programs in the south, Evangel Christian Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana, received heavy attention during the May recruiting period.

"There were a ton of schools that called me," said Kreamer. "There were probably 15 to 20 schools that called me."

Some of those schools, after seeing him on film, decided to offer scholarships.

"Tulsa, Northwestern in Illinois and Mississippi State have offered," said Kreamer. "I received all three (written) offers the past 3 to 4 weeks."

Kreamer had a funny story to tell about his MSU offer. Keep in mind that it was a typed letter and not a handwritten one.

"It really kind of came out of nowhere," said Kreamer, of his MSU offer. "I may have received a few letters from them, but it was really unexpected. I haven't heard much from them. They just sent (the scholarship offer) in the mail.

"The only letters that I read are the handwritten letters, because I receive so many letters everyday. I probably get 10 to 12 letters every single day. My dad always goes back through my mail and checks it. He ask me, 'did you know you got an offer?' I said no sir. I open all my mail and might read the first couple of sentences of the ones that are typed. Their letter was talking about how good of a player that I am, but they all say that. I didn't even get to the second paragraph and it was the part that was offering me."

He's also receiving heavy interest from several other schools, one that appears to be close to offering.

"TCU, Texas Tech, LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida Gators are the main ones that are showing interest," said Kreamer. "I know LSU is really close to offering. When Saban was there, he offered me. He came to the state championship football game and told my coach after the game that he was offering Dan, the free safety. But, he ended up leaving and LSU got the new coaching staff.

"When I went to their Junior Day, they liked me a lot. They told me that I was their top free safety and that they really liked me. Coach Monk, who is recruiting me, keeps in touch with me all the time and is trying to get me to come down to their camp in July. And I think I am going."

As a youngster, he was a fan of two schools, Alabama and LSU. One, LSU, is the home state school. The other one, Alabama, is a team he likes due to his dad.

"My dad was offered by Alabama, but chose to play semi-pro football instead," said Kreamer.

Will his dad liking them so much cause him to commit if they come in with an offer?

"My dad is real high on them, but he's not that big of a fan," said Kreamer.

When asked if he would go ahead and commit to LSU, his other favorite, if they came forth with an offer, he immediately said no.

"No sir, no sir, I am open to anything," said Kreamer. "I like LSU, but it's not like if they offer me that I am going to commit right away. I want to look at other schools and take some visits. I won't commit anywhere early."

When asked what schools have made his list of favorites, he named eight.

"I would have to throw in the three that have offered me, which is Tulsa, Northwestern and Mississippi State," said Kreamer. "Then, I also like LSU, Alabama, the Florida Gators, Tennessee and Ole Miss a lot."

He explained why those schools made his early list of favorites.

"Tulsa does a five defensive back defense," said Kreamer. "That is the main reason I like them.

"I don't really know much about Northwestern. Their offer kind of came out of the blue. They play in a good conference.

"Actually, I don't know much about Mississippi State, but I am interested in them a ton. I have heard a lot about them and watched them on tv. I am a big fan of the SEC and like all the schools in the SEC.

"I have grown up a fan of LSU and I have some buddies from Evangel that go there. It would be nice to go to a college where I have some friends.

"My dad loves Alabama and has always been a fan of them.

"(Former Evangel Christian football player) Brock Berlin went to Florida and told me about them. Plus, I've always wanted to live in Florida. That has been one of my top places to live.

"I don't know much about Tennessee, but have watched them on tv and have always like them. I like their style of football.

"(Former Evangel Christian DE) Chris Bowers is another one of my buddies and he signed with Ole Miss last year. I would know someone there. I think they are saying that he will start this year. He is an unbelievable defensive end."

He also talked about the criteria he will use when it comes time to decide who to sign with.

"It will mainly be due to how they run their defensive backs, what city the school is located in and how nice their facilities are," said Kreamer. "But, the main thing will be how they run their DBs. You know how Miami's safeties were in kind of a zone most of the time and not really locked down all the time? That's what I want to do, I want to be able to roam the field."

You now what schools he likes. Check out the videos below to see why those schools also like him. Note, be prepared to see some hard hitting.

Videos of Kreamer in action.

Video 1...

Video 2...

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