A Special Gift For The Big Dog In Your Life

Ooops, has the June calendar snuck up on you? More specifically, have you overlooked a certain upcoming holiday? Or have you just run out of annual ideas about a special gift for the big Dog of the house on his day?

Here's a suggestion: for Father's Day 2005 present him a year's subscription to Dawgs' Bite Magazine.

Maybe it was Dad who handed you that ticket the first time you two ever passed through the gates of Scott Field, The Hump, and Dudy Noble Field. He wasn't just taking us to a game; he was providing admission to a lifetime of Mississippi State memories. And while he patiently explained what those marvelous men in Maroon were doing on the playing field, he was also instructing another generation in what it meant to be a Bulldog.

Well, here's a chance to tell Dad thank-you, and do it year-round. Dawgs' Bite Magazine gives you the best of Bulldog feature stories, along with news, notes, rosters, recruiting, and more. An annual subscription provides ten glossy magazines a year, from the first hit of football camp to the last hit of baseball season. And in this Father's Day offer a one-year subscription also brings the 2006 Football Recruiting Yearbook, as well as special fall and spring Recruiting Guides inserted in regular issues.

So give the Dog who introduced you to the Mississippi State way of life something good to read while he waits for the next season to start, or to take with him to the next home game. Sign up this month so the subscription will begin with August's Football Preview edition.

A one-year gift subscription to the magazine, which includes yearbook and recruiting guides, is $39.95. Call Customer Services at 1-888-501-5752 for credit card orders, and request a gift subscription in Dad's name sent to his address. It might be your own address, too, when ordering for a spouse, and Dad will be glad to let Mom and the pups read his magazine…after he's finished of course.

And keep in mind that a combined internet subscriptions to both Dawgs' Bite Magazine and DawgsBite.com is $99.95, which also provides the yearbook and recruiting guides. Remember that any gift on-line subscribing will be under the log-in name and might produce conflicting mailing addresses for the magazine. A subscription to the web site alone does not provide a magazine subscription.

Do call the same Customer Services number with questions about magazine and web site subscription status, address changes, and renewals. Oh, and also don't forget to call Dad, both to let him know what he will be receiving all through the 2005-06 Bulldog sports year…an how much you appreciate being reared the right way.

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