Tony Barr Talks Recruiting

Starrs Mill High School offensive lineman Tony Barr is a player that Mississippi State is showing strong interest in. Catch the latest that Tony has to say about Mississippi State and the other schools that are recruiting him.

Tony Barr Profile:

Tony Barr is a pro-active type recruit. Instead of waiting for college scouts to come to his games and watch him play, he did something to give himself a little advantage.

"I gave my coach at least 45 highlight tapes and he sent them to a lot of different colleges," said the 6-3, 290-pounder.

And it must have worked because he received at least one of his scholarship offers from one of those schools.

"One of the schools he sent tapes to was Mississippi State," said Barr. "They watched it and came to my school (during the May evaluation period). Then, I received a call from them about two weeks later. I had probably received about 5 to 10 letters from them, then a scholarship (offer) came to me. That kind of threw me off, but it was really nice."

He also had plans on attending numerous college football camps this summer, but that was derailed due to a minor injury suffered at one of the first camps that he attended.

"I've been to Vanderbilt, Duke and Memphis camps," said the first team All-Area, All-County and All-Region selection. "I had about 8 on my itineracy, but I was doing the pro shuttle at the Vanderbilt camp and aggravated my patella tendon, so that kind of set me back a couple of weeks. I don't plan on going to any others"

However, he still plans on visiting a couple of schools just to check them out.

"About two weeks ago, I had planned on going to Alabama, then Mississippi State and the Memphis football camps," he said. "But, the Vanderbilt camp injury happened, so my trip got cancelled. In about a week or two I am pretty much going to do that again - go to Alabama and Mississippi State."

Barr mentioned that he has an offer from Mississippi State. Does he appear to be close to receiving any others?

"I also have an offer from Air Force and Duke and Memphis are probably going to offer me," said Barr.

With two offers in hand and a couple of others probable, does he have a list of favorite schools?

"Probably Air Force is my number 1 right now, followed by Duke, then Mississippi State and so on," said Barr.

What does he like about each school?

"I want to be a pilot because my dad was and his dad was, so I really want to go into the Air Force Academy," said Barr, "but my parents are pretty against that due to the commitment that you have to make. Air Force is where my girlfriend's parents both live. And my family is pretty involved in the Air Force. I really like the scenery there."

"The campus is really nice at Duke. And a diploma from Duke says enough by itself.

"I don't know much about Mississippi State, but being in the Southeastern Conference is important."

While he has an opinion on each school, what will be his bottom line when he chooses a college?

"I want to go where I feel I can get the best education," Barr said.

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